Department of Mathematics


NameResearch Interests
Casim Abbas
Associate Professor
Symplectic and contact geometry, Hamiltonian dynamics
Selman Akbulut
Geometric topology, topology of real algebraic varieties
Peter William Bates
Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, nonlinear elliptic and parabolic PDE, phase transitions
Robert W Bell
Associate Professor (joint with Lyman Briggs)
Geometric group theory, combinatorial games
Yingda Cheng
Associate Professor
Numerical analysis, scientific computing, applied mathematics
Chichia C Chiu
Associate Professor
Mathematical biology
Andrew Christlieb
Professor (joint with CMSE)
Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing and Transport Theory
Gabor Francsics
Associate Professor
Partial Differential Equations, Several Complex Variables, Complex Hyperbolic Spaces, Financial Math
Teena M Gerhardt
Associate Professor
Algebraic Topology and Algebraic K-theory
Jonathan Hall
Professor Emeritus, Professor, Associate Chair of the Department
Group theory, combinatorics, incidence geometry, algebraic coding theory
Matthew Edward Hedden
Floer homology, low-dimensional manifolds, knot theory, gauge theory, symplectic geometry
Kristen Hendricks
Assistant Professor
Floer homology, low-dimensional topology, symplectic topology, knot theory
Matthew John Hirn
Assistant Professor (joint with CMSE)
Pure, applied, and computational harmonic analysis; data science; machine learning
Huyi Hu
Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
Nikolai Ivanov
Algebra & Analysis
Mark A Iwen
Associate Professor
Computational harmonic analysis, analysis of high dimensional and massive data sets
Ilya Kachkovskiy
Assistant Professor
Efstratia Kalfagianni
Low dimensional topology; knot theory, 3-manifolds
Shiv Karunakaran
Assistant Professor (joint with PRIME)
Jun Kitagawa
Assistant Professor
Elliptic and parabolic PDEs, Monge-Ampère equations, optimal transport, numerics
Rajesh S Kulkarni
Algebra, algebraic geometry, number theory
Gee Lee
Assistant Professor (joint with STT)
Aaron D Levin
Associate Professor
Diophantine approximation and geometry, value distribution theory
Di Liu
Stochastic analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical methods
Haiyan Liu
Assistant Professor (joint with STT)
Peter Matthew Magyar
Associate Professor
Combinatorics of Lie groups and their representations, flag and Schubert varieties
U Meierfrankenfeld
Group theory
Milan Miklavcic
Associate Professor
PDE, applied mathematics, numerical analysis
Elizabeth Munch
Assistant Professor (joint with CMSE)
Applied topology, Topological data analysis
Georgios Pappas
Arithmetic algebraic geometry, number theory
Thomas H Parker
Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics
Vladimir Peller
Hankel and Toeplitz operators, noncommutative analysis, Schur multipliers, stationary processes
Jose Perea
Assistant Professor (joint with CMSE)
Computational topology and topological data analysis
Jianliang Qian
Applied math, scientific computing, numerical analysis, inverse problems
Ekaterina A. Rapinchuk
Assistant Professor (joint with CMSE)
Applied mathematics, semi-supervised learning, unsupervised learning, image processing
Igor Rapinchuk
Assistant Professor
Algebraic groups, Galois cohomology, arithmetic geometry
Bruce E Sagan
Enumerative & algebraic combinatorics, representation theory, graph theory
Jeffrey Hudson Schenker
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Mathematical Physics
Benjamin I Schmidt
Associate Professor, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Riemannian geometry, rigidity theory, locally homogeneous spaces.
Russell Schwab
Associate Professor
Partial Differential Equations
Michael Shapiro
Moduli spaces, cluster algebras, total positivity and real algebraic geometry
Linhui Shen
Assistant Professor
Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Moxun Tang
Associate Professor
Nonlinear elliptic equations, reaction-diffusion systems, and mathematical biology
Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero
Quasiconformal maps, harmonic and complex analysis, singular integrals, geometric measure theory
Alexander L Volberg
University Distinguished Professor
Harmonic analysis, singular integrals, operator theory
Jeanne Wald
Noncommutative ring theory
Thomas Walpuski
Assistant Professor
Chang Y Wang
Fluid mechanics, perturbation theory, biomathematics
Rongrong Wang
Assistant Professor (joint with CMSE)
Applied and computational harmonic analysis, Compressed Sensing, Applied inversion problems
Xiaodong Wang
Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis
Zhenqi Wang
Assistant Professor
Guowei Wei
Mathematical biophysics, Machine learning, Computational topology/geometry/graph
Jon G Wolfson
Geometric analysis, pde, variational problems
Willie Wai-Yeung Wong
Assistant Professor
Geometric analysis; nonlinear dispersive/hyperbolic PDEs; general relativity; math. physics
Baisheng Yan
Calculus of variations and partial differential equations
Ming Yan
Assistant Professor (joint with CMSE)
Computational optimization and large-scale computing with applications
Vera Michel Zeidan
Calculus of variations and optimal control
Dapeng Zhan
Probability, Statistical lattice models, SLE
Zhengfang Zhou
Partial differential equations and mathematical physics