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17489 Wednesday 9/11
4:10 PM
Marcelo Disconzi, Vanderbilt University Rough solutions to the three-dimensional compressible Euler equations with vorticity and entropy
19649 Thursday 9/26
1:00 PM
A. Volberg/P. Mozolyako Unexpected combinatorial properties of all planar measures
19670 Thursday 10/10
1:00 PM
Pavel Mozolyako, MSU Embedding on bi-tree
20694 Friday 11/1
1:00 PM
Victor Lie, Purdue University A unified approach to three themes in harmonic analysis
19645 Wednesday 11/6
4:10 PM
Ioakeim Ampatzoglou, University of Texas, Austin Derivation of a ternary Boltzmann system
20703 Wednesday 11/13
4:10 PM
Farhan Abedin, Michigan State University Regularity results for a class of Kolmogorov-Fokker-Planck equations in non-divergence form
20714 Thursday 11/21
1:00 PM
Leonardo Abbrescia, MSU Stability of traveling planewave solutions to Lorentzian vanishing mean curvature flow



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