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14372 Monday 8/20
11:00 AM
Soumyashant Nayak, University of Pennsylvania Analyticity in Operator Algebras
15401 Wednesday 9/12
4:00 PM
Alex Waldron, MSU Yang-Mills flow in dimension four
14348 Wednesday 9/19
4:10 PM
Richard Kollar, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia Krein signature - three unexpected lessons
15389 Wednesday 10/3
4:10 PM
N. K. Nikolski, University of Bordeaux V.Ya.Kozlov's completeness problem
15390 Wednesday 10/10
4:10 PM
N. K. Nikolski, University of Bordeaux Dilated systems and multivariable analysis
15391 Wednesday 10/17
4:10 PM
Irina Holmes, MSU and Texas A&M Bellman and Bollobas Functions
15406 Wednesday 10/24
4:10 PM
A. N. Karapetyants, Southern Federal University, Rostov on Don, Russia On Bergman type spaces of functions of nonstandard growth and some related questions.
15392 Wednesday 11/14
4:10 PM
Dominique Maldague, UC Berkeley TBA



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