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18596 Thursday 9/5
4:10 PM
Eric Zaslow, Northwestern University Applications of Constructible Sheaves to Symplectic Topology
18587 Thursday 9/19
4:10 PM
Aaron Naber, Northwestern University Introduction to the Energy Identity for Yang-Mills
18597 Thursday 10/10
4:10 PM
Romyar Sharifi, UCLA Modular symbols and the arithmetic of cyclotomic fields
18588 Thursday 10/17
4:10 PM
Frank Sottile, Texas A&M University Higher convexity for complements of tropical objects
18600 Thursday 10/24
4:10 PM
Robin Graham, University of Washington Geodesic X-ray Transforms and Boundary Rigidity
18589 Thursday 10/31
4:10 PM
Robert Pego, Carnegie Mellon University Dynamics in models of coagulation and fragmentation



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