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26849 Tuesday 9/1
4:00 PM
Dmitry Chelkak, École Normale Supérieure Bipartite dimer model and minimal surfaces in the Minkowski space
26855 Tuesday 9/15
4:00 PM
Martin Hairer, Imperial College London Taming infinities
26856 Tuesday 9/22
4:00 PM
John Lesieutre, Penn State University Polynomial interpolation is harder than it sounds
26869 Tuesday 9/29
4:00 PM
Ruixiang Zhang, IAS Kakeya type problems and analysis
26870 Tuesday 10/6
4:00 PM
Colin McLarty, Case Western Reserve University Grothendieck's personal idea of a topos as a space
26871 Tuesday 10/20
4:00 PM
Alexander Volberg, Michigan State University Metric properties of Banach spaces, Enflo's problem, Pisier's inequality and quantum random variables



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