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26968 Tuesday 1/26
2:50 PM
Matt Stoffregen, MSU Surgery Exact Triangles in Involutive Floer homology
26986 Tuesday 2/2
2:50 PM
Dogancan Karabas, Northwestern University Wrapped Fukaya category via gluing sheaves, and the case of pinwheels
26942 Tuesday 2/9
2:50 PM
Irving Dai, MIT Lattice homology and instantons
26953 Tuesday 2/16
2:50 PM
Linh Truong, University of Michigan Upsilon invariant and right-veering open book decompositions
26951 Tuesday 2/23
2:50 PM
Thang Le, Georgia Tech Quantum trace map for $SL_n$ skein algebras of surfaces
26967 Tuesday 3/2
2:50 PM
Break Day, no talk No talk
26966 Tuesday 3/9
2:50 PM
Roger Casals, UC Davis Lagrangian Fillings of Legendrian links: Two Constructions in Floer Theory
26978 Tuesday 3/16
2:50 PM
Keegan Boyle, UBC Equivariant genera of strongly invertible knots
26992 Tuesday 3/23
2:50 PM
Samantha Allen, Dartmouth Using surgery to study unknotting with a single twist
26980 Tuesday 3/30
11:00 AM
Renaud Detcherry, Bourgogne A quantum obstruction to purely cosmetic surgeries
26979 Tuesday 4/6
2:50 PM
Charlie Frohman, U Iowa A Geometric Kauffman Bracket
26972 Tuesday 4/13
2:50 PM
Mustafa Hajij, Santa Clara University Algebraically-Informed Deep Networks (AIDN): A Deep Learning Approach to Represent Algebraic Structures
26982 Tuesday 4/20
2:50 PM
Hannah Schwartz, Princeton TBA
27026 Tuesday 4/27
2:50 PM
David Gay, University of Georgia TBA



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