Department of Mathematics

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19662 Monday 9/30
3:00 PM
Keshav Sutrave, MSU Some kind of introduction to special relativity
19653 Monday 10/7
3:00 PM
Joe Melby, MSU Complexity, 3-Manifolds, and Zombies
19654 Monday 10/14
3:00 PM
Zhe Zhang, MSU An introduction to intersection forms: Taking K3 surface as an example
19655 Monday 10/21
3:00 PM
Brandon Bavier, MSU The Ends of Hyperbolic Manifolds
19656 Monday 10/28
3:00 PM
Arman Tavakoli, MSU Introduction to the Yang-Mills equation
19657 Monday 11/4
3:00 PM
Gorapada Bera, MSU Introduction to Riemannian Holonomy
19658 Monday 11/11
3:00 PM
Wenchuan Tian, MSU Properties of Busemann function on manifolds with nonnegative sectional curvature outside of a compact set
19659 Monday 11/18
3:00 PM
Sarah Klanderman, MSU Computations in Topological CoHochschild Homology
19661 Monday 12/2
3:00 PM
Sanjay Kumar, MSU An Introduction to Link Invariants from Tangle Operators



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