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26960 Wednesday 1/27
4:00 PM
Vaidehee Thatte, SUNY Binghamton Arbitrary Valuation Rings and Wild Ramification
26988 Wednesday 2/3
4:00 PM
Laure Flapan, MSU Fano manifolds associated to hyperkähler manifolds
26954 Wednesday 2/10
4:00 PM
Tudor Padurariu, IAS Noncommutative resolutions and intersection cohomology for quotient singularities
26957 Wednesday 2/17
4:00 PM
François Greer, IAS A tale of two Severi curves
26958 Wednesday 2/24
4:00 PM
Ignacio Barros, Université Paris-Saclay Pencils on surfaces with normal crossings and the Kodaira dimension of $M_{g,n}$
26956 Wednesday 3/3
4:00 PM
Rankeya Datta, University of Illinois at Chicago Openness of splinter loci in prime characteristic.
26987 Wednesday 3/10
4:00 PM
Joe Waldron, MSU Minimal model program for threefolds of mixed characteristic
26955 Wednesday 3/17
4:00 PM
Daniel Bragg, University of California, Berkeley Compactifications of supersingular twistor spaces
26977 Wednesday 3/24
4:00 PM
Stefan Patrikis, Ohio State University Lifting Galois representations
26997 Wednesday 3/31
4:00 PM
Oscar Rivero, University of Warwick Motivic congruences and Sharifi's conjecture
26952 Wednesday 4/7
4:00 PM
Sarah Frei, Rice University Rational points on moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 surfaces
26959 Wednesday 4/14
4:00 PM
Yihang Zhu, University of Maryland Irreducible components of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties
26996 Wednesday 4/21
4:00 PM
Jonathan Wang, MIT Intersection complexes and unramified L-factors



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