Department of Mathematics

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29102 Friday 9/3
3:00 PM
Joshua Ruiter, MSU Organizing meeting for student algebra seminar
29104 Friday 9/10
3:00 PM
Joshua Ruiter, MSU Abstract representations of special unitary groups
29118 Friday 9/17
3:00 PM
Joshua Ruiter, MSU Algebraic rings
29130 Friday 9/24
3:00 PM
Jie Yang, MSU An introduction to Fermat's Last Theorem
29140 Friday 10/1
3:00 PM
Peikai Qi, MSU structure of finite generated Lambda module and its adjoint
29156 Friday 10/29
3:00 PM
Mike Annunziata, Chuangtian Guan, Nick Rekuski, and Joshua Ruiter, MSU Lightning talks



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