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26940 Wednesday 1/20
3:00 PM
Sergi Elizalde, Dartmouth College Descents on quasi-Stirling permutations
26941 Wednesday 1/27
3:00 PM
Joshua Swanson, UCSD DUSTPAN distributions as limit laws for Mahonian statistics on forests
26975 Wednesday 2/3
3:00 PM
Richard Stanley, MIT Two Analogues of Pascal's Triangle
26995 Wednesday 2/10
3:00 PM
Nicholas Ovenhouse, University of Minnesota Laurent Polynomials from the Super Ptolemy Relation
27000 Wednesday 2/17
3:00 PM
Tom Roby, University of Connecticut An action-packed introduction to homomesy
27018 Wednesday 2/24
3:00 PM
Sarah Mason, Wake Forest University Quasisymmetric Macdonald polynomials
27027 Wednesday 3/10
3:00 PM
Bridget Tenner, DePaul University Odd diagram classes of permutations
28037 Wednesday 3/17
3:00 PM
Stephanie van Willigenburg, University of British Columbia The e-positivity of chromatic symmetric functions
29045 Wednesday 3/24
3:00 PM
Jo Ellis-Monaghan, Korteweg-de Vries Instituut voor Wiskunde, Universiteit van Amsterdam Graph theoretical tools for DNA self-assembly
29047 Wednesday 3/31
3:00 PM
Ira Gessel, Brandeis University Counting graphs with neighborhood restrictions
29060 Wednesday 4/7
3:00 PM
Volker Strehl, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität A valuation problem for strict partitions — and where it comes from
29062 Wednesday 4/14
3:00 PM
Sara Billey, University of Washington Existence and hardness of conveyor belts



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