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29100 Wednesday 9/8
3:00 PM
Emily Gunawan, Oklahoma University Box-ball systems and Robinson-Schensted-Knuth tableaux
29114 Wednesday 9/15
3:00 PM
Oliver Pechenik, University of Waterloo What is the degree of a Grothendieck polynomial?
29123 Wednesday 9/22
3:00 PM
Einar Steingrímsson, University of Strathclyde Permutation statistics and moment sequences
29137 Wednesday 10/6
3:00 PM
Richard A. Brualdi, University of Wisconsin - Madison About Permutation Matrices
29150 Wednesday 10/13
3:00 PM
Greta Panova, USC Hook length formulas for skew shapes and beyond
29155 Wednesday 10/20
3:00 PM
Jessica Striker, North Dakota State University Promotion, rotation, and a web basis of invariant polynomials from noncrossing partitions
29172 Wednesday 10/27
3:00 PM
Quinn Minnich, Michigan State University Counting Admissible Orderings of a Pinnacle Set



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