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25793 Thursday 5/7
9:30 AM
Alexander Veselov, Laughborough U., UK and MSU, Russia Variations on Conway and Markov themes,
26794 Thursday 5/14
9:30 AM
Sergey Shadrin, Korteweg-de Vries Instituut Non-commucative $M_{0,1+n}$,
26793 Thursday 5/21
9:30 AM
Tomoki Nakanishi, Nagoya University Dilogarithm identities and cluster algebras,
26806 Thursday 5/28
9:30 AM
Pierre Guy Plamandon, Université de Paris Sud XI Realizations of associahedra and minimal relations between g-vectors,
26807 Thursday 6/4
9:30 AM
Sergey Shadrin, Kortew-de Vries Instituut Non-commutative Gerstenhaber, BV, (framed) little disks, and other algebraic structures,
26809 Thursday 6/11
9:30 AM
Kazuhiro Hikami, Kyushu University TBA,
26808 Thursday 6/18
9:30 AM
Chris Fraser, UMN TBA,
26810 Thursday 7/2
9:30 AM
Daping Weng, MSU Augmentations, Fillings, and Clusters of Positive Braid Closures,



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