Analysis, PDE and Mathematical Physics at MSU

Analysis, PDE and Mathematical Physics at MSU

Our faculty, postdocs, visitors, current and past students have worked in several areas of Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, PDE and Operator Theory including

  • Complex Dynamics
  • Singular Integrals with Applications to Complex Analysis
  • Weighted Estimates
  • Application of Stocastic Optimal Control to Harmonical Analysis
  • Multi-parameter Harmonical Analysis
  • Quasi-regular Mappings
  • Fully non-linear PDE's
  • Hankel and Toeplitz Operator
  • Superoptimal Approximation
  • Geometric Measure Theory
  • Potential Theory
  • Analysis in Finite Fields
  • Conformally Invariant Random Fractal Curves (SLE)

You can familiarize yourself with some interesting results of their work in the page for prospective student, look through recent books. Also we are always glad to see new people in our seminars. Do not worry if you miss some of them: every seminar is video recorded, so you can watch them.

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