Department of Mathematics

Leadership Opportunities

MLC Supervisor

MLC Supervisors work closely with the MLC Support Staff to facilitate the operation of the MLC. Some MLC Supervisor duties replace MLC duties of a standard teaching assignment and a stipend is provided as compensation for additional duties. Compensation for MLC Supervisors is approximately $800 per semester.1

Duties that require no additional time (replace standard MLC duties):

  • Supervision during 4 MLC shifts
  • Evaluation of tutors scheduled in the MLC during your supervisory shifts

Additional duties (approximately 30 hours per semester):

  • Leading exam review sessions
  • Attending MLC Supervisor meetings
  • Leading MLC Tutor meetings
  • Providing preliminary MLC status reports
  • Observing instructors
  • Other MLC or instructional tasks as directed by the MLC Coordinator or Director

Mentoring Leader

Mentoring Leaders work closely with the CIM Coordinators to facilitate the professional development of department teaching assistants. Mentoring leaders will work with instructors through a set of teaching observations, workshops, and seminars to facilitate the development of research-based, student-centered teaching practices. Mentoring Leader positions will require approximately 30 hours of work per semester and require that the Leader be teaching the same class that they are supporting. Compensation for Mentoring Leaders is approximately $600 per semester.1,2


  • Allow new teaching assistants to observe your class and facilitate discussion (4 hours)
  • Observe new teaching assistants’ classes and provide written feedback (20 hours)
  • Host Quiz Writing/Lesson Planning Workshops (5 hours)
  • Available for Micro-teaching Lab (1 hour)

MTH 124 Lead TA

MTH 124 Lead TAs work closely with the MTH 124 Coordinator to facilitate the uniform implementation of the MTH 124 curriculum across the large MTH 124 teaching force. MTH 124 Lead TAs take leadership roles during exam preparation and grading, provide feedback to the MTH 124 Coordinator, and assist the MTH 124 Coordinator as directed. MTH 124 Lead TA positions require approximately 10 hours of work per semester. Compensation for MTH 124 Lead TAs is approximately $200 per semester.1,3


  • Leadership roles during exam preparation and grading
  • Provide feedback to MTH 124 Coordinator (2 hours)
  • Assist MTH 124 Coordinator (8 hours; inquire about duties)
  1. Compensation depends on current employment “Level” as defined in the GEU Contract (p. 26) but should only vary minimally.
  2. MLC Supervisor and Mentoring Leader positions can be held simultaneously. Total compensation for the two positions is $1100 per semester since some of the duties overlap.
  3. MTH 124 Lead TAs must simultaneously serve as either an MLC Supervisor and/or a Mentoring Leader.