Department of Mathematics

Intermediate Teaching Assignments

After GTAs have gained some teaching experience and have demonstrated that they possess the knowledge and skill to lead a class that provides students with opportunities to learn in several ways, especially through active learning experiences, they are eligible for intermediate teaching assignments. Teaching as the instructor-of-record for small sections of the following courses are considered intermediate teaching assignments:

  • MTH 103*
  • MTH 116*
  • MTH 124
  • MTH 126
  • MTH 132
  • MTH 133*
  • MTH 234*
  • MTH 235*

*MTH 103, 116, 234, and 235 are primarily taught as large-lecture sections with accompanying recitations. The lectures are taught by faculty and the recitations are basic teaching assignments for GTAs. Evening sections of these courses are offered, however, which are small classes and are intermediate teaching assignments for GTAs.

Teaching Responsibilities

All small-class instructors are required to fulfill the following duties:

  • Prepare lessons for each class meeting
  • Arrive to teach at least 5 minutes before the beginning of every class
  • Author and grade quizzes and exams (varies from course to course)
  • Hold weekly office hours