Department of Mathematics

Attendance Policies

Students are expected to attend all class meetings and are responsible for all of the material covered in class and in the homework. Any changes in this syllabus or in the scheduling of exams, quizzes, etc. will be announced during class meetings (usually at the beginning of class so please don’t be tardy).

Policy For Missing a Required Assignment

  • WeBWorK
    • No make-ups or extensions will be given for any WeBWorK assignments.
    • No WeBWorK assignments will be dropped.
    • It is your responsibility to complete assignments as early as possible to avoid potential incidents.
    • In extreme situations such as: university sanctioned event, religious holidays, military obligation, or late add WeBWorK due dates may be extended. This is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Quizzes
    • Typically no make-ups will be given for quizzes. The two dropped quizzes are meant to account for most special circumstances such as:
      • Weddings
      • Short-term Illness
      • Work
      • Emergencies
      • Job Interviews
      • Funerals
      • Travel
    • Exceptions to this rule include: university sanctioned events, religious holidays, military obligation, or late add. In these cases the instructor and student will work together to decide between a make-up quiz or to drop the quiz from the students grade calculation (whichever seems most appropriate for the situation).
  • Exams
    • Typically a missed exam will be counted as a 0, including the final exam.
    • The exam dates and times have been displayed since the beginning of the semester, therefore excuses such as: work, travel, etc. are not valid reasons for missing the exam.
      • In rare situations, students who have made travel plans prior to the beginning of the semester for an exam night and have documentation showing this may request accommodations for missing the exam. However, students must request this from their instructor during the first week of the semester. After the first week no travel accommodations will be granted.
    • A make-up Exam is available the day after the exam, 7:15AM – 8:45AM, in B119 Wells Hall. In order to be eligible for the make-up exam the student must provide documentation to the instructor no later than 1 week before the exam date. Make-up requests with less than 1 weeks notice may be turned down. Valid reasons to take the make-up include:
      • medical emergency,
      • university sanctioned event (including class at that time),
      • religious holidays,
      • military obligation,
      • or late add.