Department of Mathematics

MTH 133 Student Grade Book

The MSU MTH 133 Student grade book is available for download by clicking the button below as a .xlsx file. If you do not have a program that supports excel files you may wish to try using Google Drive. This grade book takes into account all current MTH 133 policies including: dropped quizzes, and student remediation policy.

Grade Book Uses

  • The main purpose for this grade book is to help students know their current course grade continuously throughout the semester.
    • This will help students know if their grade starts to slip and that they need to put in more effort.
    • Also it can help students make informative decisions on whether or not to drop the class.
  • In addition, this grade book can help answer questions such as "What do I need on the final to get a ____ in the class?" by plugging in theoretical grades and seeing what the resulting course grade will be.

Warnings About the Grade Book

  • This grade book is up to date for the current semester but will not calculate grades correctly for other semesters.
  • The grade book is still in BETA mode and may contain mistakes (although none are currently known). Grades calculated with this tool are not binding for the department. However, it is a good way to double check that your instructor hasn't made any mistakes in calculating your grade too!