Department of Mathematics

Lab Practicum


The lab practicum is the culmination of the lab experiences, held during the last week of classes. It will be a cumulative lab assignment, drawing on the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the semester during the labs. Students will work in the same groups that they had in Lab 6 on problems to be turned in at the end of class. The lab practicum will have a maximum of 50 points consisting of:
  • (10pts) -- a prelab assignment that each student will turn in.
  • (10pts) -- participation.
  • (30pts) -- completion and accuracy of the lab problems.
The prelab and participation are individual grades, while the lab problems are a group grade.

Suggested Study Technique

  1. Watch the prelab video several times.
  2. Download the MATLAB Code early and run it to make sure that the data loads.
    • It is important that you deal with any and all technical issues before the recitation so your entire time can be dedicated to the Lab Practicum.
  3. Read through the exercises in the MATLAB Code and come prepared to discuss with your group.
  4. Remember that this is building up on skills learned from previous labs. It is also a good idea to:
    • Watch the post lab videos for the previous labs
    • Look back at the previous labs and review how you needed to manipulate the conditions or code to answer the questions


Lab Practicum