Past Seminars

Fall 2010 Geometry & Topology Seminars

Low-Dimensional Topology Seminar - Meeting time: Wednesdays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Sep 8 Organizational Meeting
Sep 15 Matt Rathbun, ' High Distance Knots in Closed 3-Manifolds'
Sep 22 Matt Rathbun, 'Tunnel One, Fibered Links'
Sep 29 William Breslin, U. Michigan, 'Short geodesics and Heegaard surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds'
Oct 13 Joshua Greene, Columbia U, 'The lens space realization problem'
Oct 20 Ian Biringer, Yale U, 'Extending pseudo-Anosov maps into handlebodies'
Nov 3 Thomas Jaeger, 'Khovanov-Rozansky homology and mutation'
Nov 10 Juan Souto, U. Michigan, 'Homomorphisms between mapping class groups'
Dec 1 Roland vander Veen, UC Berkeley, 'Hyperbolic polyhedra and the Jones polynomial'

Geometric Analysis Seminar - Meeting time: Tuesdays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall

Date Details
Sep 7

Ben Schmidt, 'Closed geodesics without proper chords'

Sep 14 Song-Ying Li, UC Irvine, 'Rigidity problems and theorems associated to the solutions of degenerate partial differential equations'
Sep 21 Dave Constantine, U. Chicago, 'Group actions and compact forms of homogeneous spaces'

Oct 5

Chris Connell, Indiana University, 'Harmonic measures on laminations by locally symmetric spaces'
Oct 19 Tom Parker, 'Convergence of the heat flow for geodesics'
Oct 26 Gabriel Nagy, 'The problem of initial data in general relativity'
Nov 2 Xiaodong Wang, 'Local gradient estimate for p-harmonic functions on riemannian manifolds'
Nov 16 Michael Jablonski, U. Oklahoma, 'Existence of Einstein metrics on Lie groups'
Nov 29 Ovidiu Calin, Eastern Michigan U, 'A geometric method for finding heat kernels for elliptic and subelliptic operators' (Monday, 4:10 - 5:00, A117 Wells Hall)

Graduate Student Seminar - Meeting time: Thursdays, 2:30 - 3:20, A304 Wells Hall

Date Details
Sep 9 Thomas Jaeger, 'Asurvey of knot homology theories'
Sep 16 Chris Cornwell, 'Grid diagrams and Thurston-Bennequin numbers'
Sep 23 Cheryl Balm, 'Link genus and Conway moves'
Sep 30 Andrew Cooper, 'Mean curvature flow of mean convex hypersurfaces'

Oct 12

Josh Greene, Columbia U, 'The slice-ribbon conjecture' (Tuesday, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall)   SPECIAL RTG LECTURE
Oct 14 Daniel Smith, 'Entropy and no local collapsing'
Oct 21 Dan Barkley, 'The bi-invariant metric on a compact Lie group'
Oct 28 Luke Williams, 'Some basics of symplectic topology and Kähler manifolds'
Nov 4 Faramarz Vafaee, 'Knot Floer Homology of generalized 2-bridge knots'
Nov 11 Aykut Arslan, 'Gluck construction and four-manifolds'
Nov 18 Adam Giambrone, 'Two flavors of lens spaces: Dehn surgery and branched coverings' (A106 Wells Hall)
Dec 2 David Krcatovich, 'Khovanov homology and the slice genus'
Dec 9 Chris Hays, TBA

Student Seminar - Math 868 - Meeting time: Thursdays, 4:20 - 5:20, A117 Wells Hall

Date Details
Sep 30 Ryan McCombs, 'The Grassmannian manifold'
Oct 2 Indra Shottland, 'The Implicit Function Theorem'
Oct 21 Qinbo Liu, "Some tensor bundle constructions'
Nov 4 Jamil al-Ubaidi, 'The degree of a map'
Nov 11 Michael Horning, 'The index sum'

Nov 18

Nektarios Orfanoudakis, 'The Poincare-Hopf theorem'
Topology Seminar - Meeting time: Mondays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Sep 13 Matt Hedden, 'Introduction to sutured Floer homology'
Sep 20 Matt Hedden, 'Introduction to sutured Floer homology (2)'
Sep 27 Matt Hedden, 'Introduction to sutured Floer homology (3)'
Nov 15 Selman Akbulut, 'Stein 4-manifolds and corks'
Nov 22

Selman Akbulut, 'Stein 4-manifolds and corks (2)'

Dec 6 Sam Lewallen, Princeton U, 'Twisted signatures and some topology behind the Jones polynomial'

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