Past Seminars

Spring 2009 Geometry & Topology Seminars

3- and 4- Manifold Seminar - Meeting time: Wednesdays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Feb 11 Matt Hedden, 'On the knot theory of complex and symplectic curves'
Feb 18 Luke Williams, 'Obstructing sliceness in a family of Montesinos knots'
Mar 4 Jessica Purcell, Brigham Young, 'Hyperbolic structures on compression bodies'
Mar 18 Sang Youl Lee, Pusan National U. (Korea) and MSU, 'A construction of state-sum type invariants of surface-links in R4'

Mar 25

Elmas Irmak, Bowling Green, 'Mapping class groups and the complexes of arcs on orientable/nonorientable surfaces'
Apr 8 Nathan Sunukjian, 'Exotic group actions on 4-manifolds'
Apr 15 Christopher Mooney, U. Michigan, 'On boundaries of CAT(0) groups'
Apr 29 Mikio Furuta, U. Tokyo, 'Polarizations and the moduli space of flat connections on a Riemann surface'
Geometric Analysis Seminar - Meeting time: Tuesdays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Mar 17 Andrew Cooper, 'Mean curvature blow-up in mean curvature flow'
Apr 28 Francois Ledrappier, Notre Dame, 'Linear drift and noncommutative ergodic theorems'
Graduate Student Seminar - Meeting time: Fridays, 1:50 - 2:40, A517 Wells Hall
Date Details
Jan 23 Andrew Cooper, 'Surgery in mean curvature flow'
Jan 30 Jeff Chapin, 'Pseudoholomorphic curves and symplectizations'
Feb 6 Oh Hoon Kwon, 'The h-principle for open invariant relations'
Feb 13 Luke Williams, TBA
Feb 17 Oh Hoon Kwon, 'The h-principle for open invariant relations' (3:00 -- 3:50 Tuesday)
Feb 20 Cagri Karakurt, 'Planar open books'
Feb 27 Chris Cornwell, 'The Morton inequality for lens spaces'
Mar 6 Kyungbae Park, 'The fundamental group in nonpositive curvature'
Mar 20 Onur Agirseven, 'Characteristic curves and ModS'
Mar 27 Chaitanya Senapathi, 'Proof of the soul conjecture of Cheeger and Gromoll by Grigory Perelman'
Apr 3 Wei Fan, 'Handlebodies'
Apr 10 Kwangho Choi, 'Regularity of harmonic maps from surfaces'
Apr 17 Cheryl Balm, 'Spin structures'
Apr 24 Dan Smith, 'Morse homology'
May 1 Nathan Sunukjian, TBA
Student Seminar - Math 869 - Meeting time: Mondays, 1:50 - 2:40, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Feb 2 Sara Rowell, 'The classification of surfaces'
Feb 9 Dennis Ross, 'Every finitely presented group is the fundamental group of a 4-manifold'
Feb 16 David Krcatovich, 'The Brouwer fixed-point theorem'
Feb 23 Kenneth Barrese, 'The Alexander polynomial'
Mar 2 Faramarz Vafaee, 'Branched covers'
Mar 16 Jingguo Lai, 'The Poincare-Hopf index theorem'
Mar 23 Manousos Maridakis,'The Lefschetz fixed point theorem'
Mar 30 Daniel Barkley, 'The Jordan separation theorem'
Apr 6 Elizabeth Wilson, 'The homology of lens spaces'
Apr 13 Martin Kell, 'Morse homology'
Apr 20 Nikolaos Pattakos, 'Division algebras'
Apr 27 Henrik Jansson, 'The Hopf fibration'
Topology Seminar - Meeting time: Mondays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Mar 23 Michael Shapiro, 'Introduction to integrable systems'
Mar 30 Selman Akbulut, 'Knotting corks'
Apr 6 Michael Shapiro, 'Open Toda lattice, KP, KdV, and tau-function'
Apr 9 Mustafa Kalafat, U. Wisconsin, 'Hyperkahler manifolds with circle actions and the Gibbons-Hawking Ansatz' (Thursday, 3:00 A304)
Apr 13 Mustafa Kalafat, U. Wisconsin, 'Topology of nonsimply connected locally conformally flat 4-manifolds'
Apr 27 Michael Shapiro, 'KP, KdV, and tau-function'
Geometry/Topology Colloquium Speakers - Meeting time: Thursdays, 4:10 - 5:00, A304 Wells Hall
Date Details
Jan 22 Ben Schmidt, U. Chicago, 'Blocking light in Riemannian manifolds'
Feb 10 Teena Gerhardt, Indiana U, 'Algebraic K-theory of the dual numbers' (Tuesday)
Feb 17 Yaron Ostrover, MIT, 'Algebraic properties of quantum homology' (Tuesday)
Feb 24 Todor Milanov, North Carolina State, 'Gromov-Witten theory and integrable hierarchy'(Tuesday)
Mar 2 Pierre Albin, Stanford U, 'Poincare-Einstein manifolds: renormalized integrals and index theory' (Monday)
Apr 24 Matt Kerr, U. Durham, 'Limiting Invariants of Algebraic Cycles'(3:00 -- 3:50 Friday)

Past Seminars


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