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Industrial Advisor Contact Day

The 2014 Annual Industrial Advisor Contact Day for the MSIM Program was held at MSU Spartan Building on October 30, 2014.

A gallery of pictures from the event can be found below:

What do our MSIM Graduates say about the IACD event?

Conrad Blom, First Year MSIM Student

“The event was a good experience for me. It gave me valuable Insight into the interviewing process. I was encouraged to apply by a few of the companies, and I probably will. Practice interviews like this provide what is necessary for me to become better at the process.”

Peter Draznik, First Year MSIM Student

“I found the IACD to be extremely helpful and the experience invaluable, especially as I had not gone through the interview process before. I found that the quality of my interviews was very dependent upon my nervousness and confidence, which typically coincided with my interest in the company.”

Yang Gao, First Year MSIM Student

“The IACD is a big event for the Industrial Mathematics Program every year. I acquired several insightful ideas and suggestions of improvement such as data mining is a vital course in industrial world so I need to be competent in this area. To have some personal connections with these industrial people is a great fortune for us; mock interview helps me practice interviewing skills and revise my resume. IACD was the best opportunity for me and it is much more useful than I imagined.”

Tong Mu, First Year MSIM Student

“There are eight industrial advisors coming to the event, and I had individual monk interviews with six of them. This was really a precious experience as the advisors were so nice that I felt they didn’t act for the benefit of company, but for the benefit of students ourselves. I felt honored for the MSIM program. This is a rewarding and unforgettable experience.”

Victoria Salekin, First Year MSIM Student

“The IACD was to gain interview experience via mock interviews and get invaluable pointers on things to avoid or improve. I was impressed that such successful people were willing to set aside time in their busy schedules to do mock interviews. We can only hope for the chance to interact with so many insightful and pleasant individuals again and that next year’s IACD will be as successful as this one.”

Patrick Zabriskie, First Year MSIM Student

“I attended the IACD mock interview session on October 30. I met with three representatives, each from a different company, and I gained meaningful insight from each one into the interview process. I found the IACD session to be very informative and potentially fruitful. I felt I portrayed myself well overall to the representatives of the company while also walking away with a list of things I need to improve for next time I have an interview.”

Steve Draggoo, Second Year MSIM Student

“Some of the best advice he had for me was to make sure that I find something I enjoy doing and that employers look beyond course work. Overall, I thought the IACD was a very rewarding experience. I feel more confident now about my future job prospects after having the chance to meet with people looking to employ someone with my set of skills. I am glad to have a few contacts in the industrial world.”

Hongli Gao, Second Year MSIM Student

“I participated in 2014 IACD event on October 30 and I had six mock interviews with different companies. I have gained a very valuable experience during those interviews. It is such a great opportunity that I have never experienced in other courses or programs. It does help me improve and increase my confidence in my job search in the future. I am expecting to be more prepared in the job market.”

Joshua Madden, Second Year MSIM Student

“This year’s IACD event went exceptionally well. The mock interviews went well, and I enjoyed all the industrial Advisors, even meeting some that I was not interviewing with.” “This was a very insightful meeting, and reaffirmed my view of the company based on my hiring process; that everyone I have met seems to truly enjoy working for the company.”

Weicong Zhou, Second Year MSIM Student

“On October 30, I took part in the IACD. It was an annual event in which several industrial advisors would come and had mock interviews with MSIM students. I talked to five different advisors. It was a fantastic event and I learned a lot from the industrial advisors. I believe I left a good impression to some advisor and I will try to apply for their company.”

2013 Industrial Advisor Contact Day

The 2013 Annual Industrial Advisor Contact Day for the MSIM Program was held at MSU Spartan Building on November 8, 2013.



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