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MSIM Industrial Projects


Proposer/Liaison: Cody Dean
Problem: Developing a Smarter Air Purifier

Proposer/Liaison: Mike O'Neill
Problem: Improving the Customer HQ Visit Experience and Impact on Future Sales

Proposer/Liaison: Tracy Brower
Problem: Multi-Lens Study: Making Sense of Mixed Data to Understand Dynamics of the Office

Problem: Quantification of Wood-based Variability Compared to Process-based Variability

Problem: Profile Analysis and Transition Prediction of High Performance Off-Road Vehicle Dealerships


Proposer/Liaison: Nicholas R. Cross
Problem: Speech Analytics with Voxai Genesys Speech Miner

Proposer/Liaison: Kevin Cooper and Yimin Liu
Problem: Data Analysis and Optimization for Mobility Service by Using Publicly Available Biking Sharing Data

Proposer/Liaison: Tracy Brower
Problem: Examining Workplace Vitality through Deep Dives on Data

Proposer/Liaison: Henry Kong
Problem: Performance Analysis of an Electric Vehicle Controller


Proposer/Liaison: Cody Dean
Problem: Data Mining Using Public Data Along With Internal Facial Data (FACES) From Numerous Participants Located All Over the World

Proposer/Liaison: Jan Schiffmann and Henry Kong
Problem: Data Analysis for Identifying Bicycles and Pedestrians Using Radar Detection Signals

Proposer/Liaison: Gary Gifford
Problem: Foreseeing Clearly, Using Statistical Modeling to Improve Order Forecasts

Proposer/Liaison: Patrick Lukulay and Lukas Roth
Problem: A Risk-Based Approach to Pharmaceutical Quality Control – Extended Mathematical Modeling


Proposer/Liaison: Scott Badenoch
Problem: Computational Optimization for Ballistic Obliquity, Blast Overpressure and Shockwave Mitigation

Proposer/Liaison: Terry Niedermeyer
Problem: Creation of an Optimal Catalogue Mailing Scheme

Proposer/Liaison: Jennifer Kline
Problem: From Potential to Profitability: Key Indicators of a Winning, Profitable Opportunity

Proposer/Liaison: Luke Huelskamp
Problem: Improving Understanding of Average Daily Balance Method Over a Large Dataset

Proposer/Liaison: Patrick Lukulay
Problem: Risk-Based Approach for Regulating Medicines


Proposer/Liaison: Yibing Shi
Problem: Crash-Relevant Vehicle Parameters beyond Mass and Footprint

Proposer/Liaison: Carl Vandomelen and Joseph Eckert
Problem: Evaluating the Low-Income Assistance Program Against the Budget Plan Option

Proposer/Liaison: Pam Harlin
Problem: Identifying Trends in Affinity Groups Which Impact Group Risk

Proposer/Liaison: Luke Huelskamp
Problem: Deeper Understanding of Average Daily Balance Method Over a Large Dataset

Proposer/Liaison: Dave Fischer
Problem 1: Mining and Characterizing Large Landfill Gas Datasets
Problem 2: Three-Dimensional Visualization of Landfill Gas Data


Proposer/Liaison: Bruce Geist
Problem: Contact Mechanics in Automotive Design

Proposer/Liaison: Joseph Eckert and Carl Vandomelen
Problem: Assessing the Accuracy of Estimates in eBilling Process

Proposer/Liaison: Dave Fischer
Problem 1: Multivariate Analysis of Large Data Sets from Landfill Gas Collection Systems
Problem 2: Developing Predictive Models of Landfill Gas Data Sets for Process Management
Problem 3: Utilizing Data Visualization Tools to Deepen the Understanding of Large Landfill Gas Data Collection

Proposer/Liaison: Joseph Klesney
Problem 1: Applying Short-Term Forcasting to Key Health Care Business Drivers
Problem 2: Measuring Health Care Growth in the Value Era

Proposer/Liaison: Huong Baker
Problem:Problem: Operational Analysis of a Product Line in the Office Furniture Industry


Proposer/Liaison: Thomas O'Masta and Joseph Eckert
Problem 1: Revenue Operations Process Review and Enhancement - Bill Print and Delivery
Problem 2: Revenue Operations Process Review and Enhancement - Dunning and Collections Activities

Proposer/Liaison: Tim Rey and Paul Speaker
Problem: Using Neural Networks for High Frequency Forecasting

Proposer/Liaison: Paul McCarthy and Lan Wang
Problem:Auto Loan Take up Rate Model

Proposer/Liaison: Tracy Brower
Problem: Workplace Usage and Optimization


Proposer/Liaison: Aaron Spiller
Problem: Segment Data and Fit Loss Distributions to Claims Information

Proposer/Liaison: Paul McCarthy and Lan Wang
Problem: Auto Loan Approval Volume Model and Take up Rate Model

Proposer/Liaison: Steve Korecki
Problem: Space Utilization Measurements of Commercial Office Buildings

Proposer/Liaison: Jason Allen
Problem: Medical Device Organizational Resource Benchmarking


Proposer/Liaison: Jack Tower
Problem: Large Loss Predictive Model
Project Report: (doc) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Mark Wenger
Problem 1: Modeling Policyholder Longevity
Problem 2: Creating Territory Boundaries using Competitor Pricing Data
Project Report: (doc) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Tim Rey
Problem: Variable Selection in Time Series Modeling Projects with Large Numbers of Leading Economic Indicators
Project Report: (doc) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Luke Huelskamp
Problem: Review of Average Daily Balance Calculation for Investment Allocation
Project Report: (doc) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Matthew Putti/Patrick Kruizenga
Problem: Predicting Product Mix and Volume In Order To Inventory the Correct Grades, Cuts, and Species of Veneer
Project Summary


Proposer/Liaison: John Williamson
Problem: Developing a "Retail Inflation Pricing Strategy" for Periods of Rapid Inflation.

Proposer/Liaison: Jon Williams
Problem: Determining the Leading Factors of Long-Term Customer Retention in the Insurance Industry

Proposer/Liaison: Paul McCarthy and Jill Bewick
Problem: Auto Loan Volume Response Model

Proposer/Liaison: Doug Heilman
Problem: Rating Value of PPC for Mobilehome

Proposer/Liaison: William St. Amour
Problem: Strengthening Communities Through Citizen Data


Proposer/Liaison: Tim Rey
Phase I: Replicating a Commodity Market Simulation Using Agent Based Modeling Techniques
Phase II: Modeling the Supply/Demand Dynamics in a Commodity Chemical Market

Proposer/Liaison: Matthew Putti
Problem 1: Development of Pricing Prediction Model
Problem 2: Wood Veneer Yield Analysis

Proposer/Liaison: Alfredo Cateriano and Gene Grabowski
Problem: Estimating the Workload and Credit Loss Impact of Collections Strategy Changes

Proposer/Liaison: Kim Norman
Problem: Revenue Analytics and Financial Forecasting

Proposer/Liaison: Bruce Geist
Problem: Development of an Efficiency Maximizing Tool for Custom Design of a Rocker Arm Joint


Proposer/Liaison: John Williamson
Phase I: Developing a "Strong Store Profile" for Future Expansion
Phase II: Developing a "Strong Customer Demographic Profile" for Future Sales Growth and Expansion
Project Report (Phase I): (MS Word) (pdf)
Project Report (Phase II): (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Kim Hill
Problem: Developing a Full Cost Comparison of Offshore Sourcing versus Onshore Sourcing for the Automotive Industry

Proposer/Liaison: David Field
Problem 1: Substructuring the Cost Evolution of Technology Products: Laptop Case Study
Problem 2: Descriptive ID's for Vehicles and Their Subcomponents

Proposer/Liaison: John Shull
Problem: Applied Mathematics in Win/Loss Analysis

Proposer/Liaison: Patrick Lukulay
Problem: Developing a Numerical Metric for the Quality of a Chromatographic Separation
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Kim Norman
Problem: Development of a Cash Flow Forecasting Model


Proposer/Liaison: Doug Roberts and Catherine Cusick
Problem: Cost Analysis for a New Criminal Justice Campus

Proposer/Liaison: David Field
Problem: Understanding the Cost Evolution of a Product

Proposer/Liaison: Patrick Lukulay
Problem: Determining the Maximum Allowed Error in an Analytical Method
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Mike Wieber
Problem: Explain the Unaccountable Shortfall in Press Runs

Proposer/Liaison: Neil J. Bush, GM Business Unit
Problem: To be defined at a later date

Proposer/Liaison: Toby L. Hall
Problem 1: Refinement of Credibility Factors
Problem 2: Analysis of Data Used in Annual Rating Studies
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: John Shull
Problem: Uncovering Hidden Business Patterns


Proposer/Liaison: Ewen Todd
Problem 1: Anthrax as a Bioterrorism Agent.
Problem 2: Survival of Pathogens in Manured Fields
Problem 3: Quantify Listeria Risk.
Project Report: Limited distribution by request.

Proposer/Liaison: Thomas E. Borton
Problem: Model the Economic Impact of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Toby L. Hall
Problem 1: Anticipating Monthly Claims.
Problem 2: Fine-Tuning Forecasting Methods.
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Project Summaries


Proposer/Liaison: Bruce Geist
Problem: Distortion Inside a Piston Bore
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Colleen Serafin
Project 1: Clustering Human Feelings Using Neural Networks and Metric Topology for Small Sample Size
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Project 2: A Process Model for Analyzing Driver Performance
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Charles Ballard
Problem: Optimal Income Taxation
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Jill Morena
Problem 1: Optimization of Retro-Reflectometry Measurements
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Proposer/Liaison: Ed Timpf
Problem 2: Predicting Revenue Loss from Alternate Fuel Vehicles

Proposer/Liaison: Michael Caveretta
Problem: Product Defect Diagnosis


Proposer/Liaison: Daniel Padilha
Problem: Classification System for Fire Losses in Homeowners Insurance
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Connie Hook
Project 1: Benefits of Self-Checkout
Project 2: Magnetic Ink Character Reader Preventative Maintenance Analysis
Project Report 2: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Eleanor M. Feit
Problem: Data mining to determine customer satisfaction over time
Project Report: Proprietary

Proposer/Liaison: Florence Nezamis
Problem: Model Future Emergency Services Needs
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Martin Stryker,
Project 1: Test design using logarithmic distributions
Project Report 1: (MS Word) (pdf)
Project 2: Cam design
Project Report 2: (MS Word) (pdf)
Project 3: Patient transfer device

Proposer/Liaison: Michael Cavaretta
Problem: Product Defect Diagnosis
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)


Proposer/Liason: Dr. B. F. Severin
Problem: Design and cost-analyze a soil treatment model
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Mark Everson
Problem 1: What factors limit nimble redistribution of product lines?
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Proposer/Liaison: David Scholl
Problem 2: Model the perception of car-body rattles
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: John Thomas
Problem: Schedule a forging operation
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: George H. Schriver
Problem 1: Improving the accuracy of a real-time planning tool
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Problem 2: Projecting labor contract costs
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Frank B. Dazzo
Problem 1: To design a clustering algorithm that defines natural borders of size and shape for an AI morphotype classifier of bacteria
Problem 2: How many images of a microbial community are necessary to estimate its diversity with confidence?
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Jeffrey G. Jackson
Problem: Analyze the future profitability of the MSUFCU ATM network
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)


Proposer/Liaison: Frank B. Dazzo
Problem 1:. To design a clustering algorithm that defines natural borders of size and shape for an AI morphotype classifier of bacteria.
Project Summary
Problem 2: How many images of a microbial community are necessary to estimate its diversity with confidence?

Proposer/Liaison: Pat McCleer
Problem 1: Optimizing windmill alternator size: direct drive versus high gear ratios.
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Problem 2: Optimize the Diesel versus electric motor sizes in hybrid vehicles to maximize fuel efficiency.
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)
Problem 3: Revise pulse-width modulation algorithms in automotive power inverters to minimize the number of necessary electrolytics.
Project Report: (MS Word) (pdf)

Proposers/Liaisons: Dr. P. Satoh and Dr. J. Madden
Problem 1:. How many 25 gm samples of ground beef must be taken to yield a 95% confidence that there are fewer than 2 Ecoli per kilogram in the entire lot?
Problem 2: Model the dispersion of Ecoli from a point source via groundwater.
Problem 3: Grain exported to the EU can contain at most 1% genetically modified content. Design a sampling regimen to ensure this purity is achieved.
Project Summary
Problem 4: Apply kinetic methods to immunoassays to shorten assay times.

Proposer/Liaison: Professor R. Isaacs
Problem: Predict the outbreak of the Grape Berry Moth using degree-day data.

Proposer/Liaison: Mr. R. Lambert
Problem: Model the evolution of crack density in solid rocket propellant using past temperature history.
Project Report: (pdf)

Proposer/Liaison: Mr. P. Sanchez
Problem: Instruct a numerically controlled milling machine to blend in valve seats into rebuilt dragster cylinder heads.
Project Report: (pdf)


Proposer/Liaison: Kris Devarasetty and G. Watson
Problem 1: Reduce drift in a modern solid-state artificial horizon. - Project Summary
Project Report: (MS Word)
Problem 2: Using vibration spectrum and torque, predict the remaining useful life of a gyroscope-based artificial horizon.
Project Summary

Proposer/Liaison :P. E. Lindemann and E. Schertzing
Problem: Tollgate Wetlands Storm Water Retention, Model the uptake capacity of the Tollgate Wetland when driven by statistical monthly weather.

Proposers/Liaisons: D. O'Brien and C. A. Simon
Problem: Perform a cost-benefit study of 12 versus 6 day sampling, with the savings invested in additional sampling sites.
Project Report: (MS Word)

Proposer/Liaison: J. Siegel, Forensic Scientist
Problem: Model the shedding and persistence of fibers at a crime scene.
Project Report: (MS Word)

Proposer/Liaison: Ed. Kiernan
Problem: Design a clumping of States into groups with similar fee-for-service structure.
Project Report: (MS Word)

We were regretfully unable to constitute full teams to attack the following three problems. We are grateful to their proposers and hope to serve them in the future.

Proposers/Liaisons: Mr. M. Schnepp and Mr. D. Duckworth
Problem: Construct a generic disaster mitigation cost-benefit model.
Proposers/Liaisons: Ms. Alford, Mr. Swanson, and Mr. Syjud
Problem: Explain the unaccountable shortfall in press runs.
Proposer/Liaison: Ed. Kiernan
Problem: Given the negotiated contracts, predict future weekly claim patterns.



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