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Proposed Project for the MSU Industrial Math Students


Developing a Smarter Air Purifier


The new Atmosphere Sky is Amway’s first device that can connect to the internet. The Sky unit has been redesigned inside and out. Along with the new beautiful design, function has also been improved. Removal and replacement of the front panel and filters has been improved. It still maintains 99.99% single-pass particle reduction, which is better than HEPA (99.97%), down to .007 microns. The Atmosphere Sky™ unit will remove or reduce more than 130 contaminants. The new motor and volute system have increased airflow by 20%, allowing the unit to cover 468 square feet. By allowing the unit to connect to the internet, new functionality is enabled. With a smartphone, the user can remotely control the device by turning it on or off, set the fan speed, monitor filter life and change mode. All this data is being collected and stored by Amway, allowing analysts to find new insights that benefit the customer along with the enterprise.

Project Scope:

The goal of this project will be to combine external environmental data with Sky telemetry data to look for relationships between environmental variables and dust level within the home. This information could be used to drive a smarter device that can predictively turn on Auto mode when environmental conditions, that lead to high particulate events, are going to occur.


  • Project Presentation – A presentation to be given at the end of the semester detailing the findings and suggested next steps
  • Project Documentation – A detailed word document walking through the software used, how the data was cleaned and analyzed, and any assumptions made
  • Project Code – Well documented code that was used on the project.


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