Department of Mathematics
Instructions for requesting an override based on the completion of a course at another institution:
  • This is provided specifically and solely to allow you to request an override for a Fall semester mathematics course at MSU based upon your commitment to complete the prerequisite mathematics course at another institution during the summer.

  • Because this service checks the prerequisites for the Fall course, it will accept your request for an override if and ONLY if you are planning to take the prerequisite course during the summer. For example, if you want to elect MTH 133 at MSU in the Fall, and you are enrolled in the equivalent to MSU's MTH 132 this summer at Princeton, then this service will allow you to request an override, so that you may enroll in the Fall semester for MSU's MTH 133.

  • BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS REQUEST, YOU must verify that the course that you plan to take this summer will, in fact, transfer to MSU as the prerequisite for your Fall course. The simplest way to do this is to click here, to reach MSU's list of transferable courses. If either the institution or the course that you plan to take this summer does not appear in MSU's list, please call 353-0844 to meet with a math adviser, who will evaluate your transfer course.


    1. Verify, in advance, that your off-campus summer course will be accepted by MSU!

    2. Request that an official transcript be sent by the Registrar's office at your summer institution to the Office of Admissions, 250 Administration Building, MSU, East Lansing MI 48824-1046.

      We expect your transfer credit to be entered into your MSU academic record by August 20th however, if it is not, you will be sent ONE e-mail reminder.

      If your credit is still not entered by the end of the first full week of class, then, without any further notice, your registration in your fall course at MSU will be cancelled.

    3. AVOID asking for a comprehensive transcript from your summer institution; instead, request an official transcript for ONLY the one term during which you took the course(s) at that institution. If there are several transcript types available to you, ask which of the official transcripts can be delivered most quickly. (Some schools can even prepare a 'hand-carried' official transcript while you wait.) Past experience teaches that, by requesting the wrong type, you could delay the delivery of your transcript by several weeks.