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29072 Monday 5/3
2:00 PM
Facundo Memoli, The Ohio State University Some rigidity results for metric spaces via persistent homology
29053 Tuesday 5/4
10:00 AM
Amanda Glazer, UC Berkeley National Mathematics Survey: Addressing the Gender Gap in Undergraduate Mathematics
29065 Tuesday 5/4
2:50 PM
Yury Belousov, Higher School of Economics (HSE) On the question of genericity of hyperbolic knots
29074 Wednesday 5/5
4:10 PM
Rami Fakhry, MSU Canceled due to health issue of the speaker
29055 Thursday 5/6
4:30 AM
Michael Kwok-Po Ng, University of Hong Kong Low Rank Tensor Completion with Poisson Observations
29057 Thursday 5/13
2:30 PM
Simone Brugiapaglia, Concordia University The curse of dimensionality and the blessings of sparsity and Monte Carlo sampling: From polynomial to deep neural network approximation in high dimensions
29075 Monday 5/17
2:00 PM
Ashleigh Thomas, Georgia Tech The shape of worm behavior
29056 Thursday 5/20
4:30 AM
Philipp Grohs, University of Vienna A Proof of the Theory to Practice Gap in Deep Learning
29082 Monday 5/24
7:00 PM
Katharine Turner, Australian National University Generalisations of the Rips Filtration for quasi-metric spaces and asymmetric functions with corresponding stability results
29070 Thursday 5/27
2:30 PM
Akram Aldroubi, Venderbilt University Dynamical Sampling: A Sampling Tour
29071 Thursday 6/3
2:30 PM
Gerlind Plonka-Hoch , University of Göttingen Recovery of sparse signals from their Fourier coefficients
29076 Thursday 6/10
2:30 PM
Piotr Indyk, MIT Learning-Based Sampling and Streaming
29084 Monday 6/14
2:00 PM
Rui Wang, Michigan State University Persistent Spectral Graphs
29077 Thursday 6/17
2:30 PM
Wenjing Liao, Georgia Tech Regression and doubly robust off-policy learning on low-dimensional manifolds by neural networks
29085 Monday 6/21
2:00 PM
Veronica Ciocanel, Duke University "Modeling and topological data analysis for biological ring channels"
29078 Thursday 6/24
2:30 PM
Qiang Ye, University of Kentucky Batch Normalization and Preconditioning for Neural Network Training
29086 Monday 6/28
2:00 PM
Lori Ziegelmeier, Macalester College Capturing Dynamics of Time-Varying Data via Topology
29083 Wednesday 7/14
10:00 AM
Round table conversation Preparing for Fall - teaching modalities
29079 Thursday 7/15
2:30 PM
Qi (Rose) Yu , University of California, San Diego University of California, San Diego
29080 Thursday 7/22
2:30 PM
Yaniv Plan, University of British Columbia A family of measurement matrices for generalized compressed sensing
29088 Monday 7/26
2:00 PM
Mengsen Zhang, UNC Chapel Hill Transitions and their topological signatures in social and brain dynamics
29091 Wednesday 7/28
10:00 AM
Round table conversation Preparing for Fall - teaching modalities - Part II
29081 Thursday 7/29
2:30 PM
Wotao Yin, UCLA Learning to Optimize: Fixed-Point Network
29087 Thursday 8/12
2:30 PM
Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA TBA



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