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Seminars By Semester


8242 Monday 1/8
4:10 PM
David Hansen, Columbia University Elliptic curves and p-adic L-functions
8231 Tuesday 1/9
4:10 PM
Yoonsang Lee, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Uncertainty Quantification of Physics-constrained Problems – Data Assimilation and Parameter Estimation
8230 Wednesday 1/10
4:10 PM
Preston Wake, UCLA Quantifying congruences between Eisenstein series and cusp forms
8232 Friday 1/12
4:10 PM
John Calabrese, Rice University From Hilbert's Nullstellensatz to quotient categories
9248 Wednesday 1/17
4:10 PM
Tristan Collins, Harvard University Sasaki-Einstein metrics and K-stability
9251 Wednesday 1/17
4:10 PM
Hitesh Gakhar, MSU Dualities in Persistent (co)Homology
9253 Monday 1/22
4:10 PM
Joshua Ruiter, MSU Infinite Galois Extensions
7200 Monday 1/22
4:10 PM
Dr. Robert Caldwell Academic Integrity
8235 Tuesday 1/23
1:15 PM
Elise Lockwood, Oregon State University Investigating Subtleties of the Multiplication Principle
9249 Tuesday 1/23
4:10 PM
Bruce Sagan, MSU An Introduction to Stanley's Theory of P-Partitions. I
9255 Wednesday 1/24
4:10 PM
Hitesh Gakhar, MSU Dualities in Persistent (co)Homology-Part II
7231 Thursday 1/25
11:00 AM
Jonas Lührmann Probabilistic scattering for the 4D energy-critical defocusing nonlinear wave equation
6187 Thursday 1/25
2:00 PM
Siqi He, Caltech The Extended Bogomolny Equations and Teichmuller space
9256 Thursday 1/25
3:00 PM
Xiaochuan Yang, MSU An invitation to large scale sojourn properties of Brownian motion
9258 Monday 1/29
4:10 PM
Nick Ovenhouse, MSU Noncommutative Poisson Structures
7201 Monday 1/29
4:30 PM
Bronlyn Wassink, Mathematics, MSU QL Updates
9259 Tuesday 1/30
10:20 AM
Rostyslav Kravchenko, Northwestern University Invariant and characteristic random subgroups and their applications
9261 Tuesday 1/30
4:10 PM
Kate Juschenko, Northwestern University Amenability of discrete groups and their actions
9250 Tuesday 1/30
4:10 PM
Bruce Sagan, MSU An Introduction to Stanley's Theory of P-Partitions, II
7229 Wednesday 1/31
3:00 PM
Arie Israel, University of Texas at Austin A new proof of the finiteness principle
9257 Wednesday 1/31
4:10 PM
Olga Turanova, UCLA Reaction-diffusion equations in biology
9247 Thursday 2/1
2:00 PM
Guillem Cazassus, Indiana University Towards extended Floer field theories
9263 Thursday 2/1
4:10 PM
Daniel Thompson, Ohio State University Geodesic flow in non-positive curvature: An inspiration for new techniques in ergodic theory
9265 Monday 2/5
4:10 PM
Anton M. Zeitlin, Louisiana State University Quantum Integrable Systems and Enumerative Geometry
9268 Monday 2/5
4:10 PM
Charlotte Ure, MSU Introduction to Descent Theory
13291 Tuesday 2/6
11:00 AM
Seonghyeon Jeong, MSU Hölder regularity for solutions of the Monge-Ampère equation
8243 Tuesday 2/6
2:00 PM
Boyu Zhang, Harvard University Rectifiability and Minkowski bounds for the singular sets of multiple-valued harmonic spinors
9254 Wednesday 2/7
4:10 PM
Vladimir Peller, Michigan State University Absolute continuity of spectral shift
9269 Wednesday 2/7
4:10 PM
Eylem Zeliha YILDIZ, MSU Invertible Knot Concordances
9267 Thursday 2/8
3:00 PM
Dynamical System Seminar Almost sure invariance principle for hyperbolic systems with singularities.
9266 Friday 2/9
4:10 PM
Anna Mazzucato, Pennsylvania State University Optimal mixing and irregular transport by incompressible flows
9270 Monday 2/12
4:10 PM
Dennis Kriventsov, NYU Courant Spectral Optimization and Free Boundary Problems
9275 Monday 2/12
5:00 PM
New directions in the MLC
9272 Tuesday 2/13
4:10 PM
Nick Ovenhouse, MSU Cluster Expansions Using Snake Graphs
10275 Wednesday 2/14
4:10 PM
Kumar, Sanjay Lakshman, MSU Skein Theory and Turaev-Viro Invariant
10276 Thursday 2/15
11:00 AM
Martin Fraas, Virginia Tech Quantization of conductance in gapped interacting systems
9271 Friday 2/16
4:10 PM
Brent Nelson, UC Berkeley Non-tracial free transport
7214 Friday 2/16
4:10 PM
Ekaterina Rapinchuk, MSU Auction Dynamics for Semi-Supervised Data Classification
9274 Monday 2/19
4:10 PM
Steve Plemmons, MSU Teaching Technology Updates
12277 Tuesday 2/20
4:10 PM
Alexander Wilson, MSU Determining the Regularity of Formal Languages
12283 Wednesday 2/21
4:10 PM
Brandon Bavier, MSU An Introduction to Hyperbolic Knots
9252 Wednesday 2/21
4:10 PM
Alexander Volberg, MSU Fractional Laplacians on Hamming cube and its Poincar\'e inequalities
12281 Thursday 2/22
3:00 PM
Dynamical System Seminar:
10277 Thursday 2/22
3:00 PM
Mohammad Jahangoshahi, University of Chicago Smoothness of the partition function for multiple Schramm-Loewner evolutions in simply connected domains
9264 Friday 2/23
4:10 PM
Mike O'Neil, Courant Institute, NYU Fast high-order CAD-independent Nystrom methods for frequency-domain electromagnetics
12280 Monday 2/26
12:00 PM
Lynmarie Posey and Kristen Bieda, MSU Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Chemistry
13286 Monday 2/26
4:10 PM
Chuangtian Guan, MSU Structure of finitely generated Lambda-modules
12278 Tuesday 2/27
4:10 PM
Oliver Pechenik, University of Michigan Taking the long way home: Orbits of plane partitions
8236 Wednesday 2/28
1:45 PM
Jennifer Langer-Osuna, Stanford University Fostering productive and inclusive collaborative mathematics classrooms
8237 Thursday 3/1
2:00 PM
Matthias Nagel, McMaster University, Canada Triple linking numbers and surface systems
12285 Thursday 3/1
3:00 PM
Optimal Large Deviation Theory for analytic quasi-periodic Schr\"odinger cocycle and H\"older regularity of the Lyapunov exponent
13285 Thursday 3/1
3:10 PM
John Machacek, MSU Upper cluster algebras and choice of ground ring
11277 Thursday 3/1
4:10 PM
Selim Esedoglu, University of Michigan Algorithms for mean curvature motion of networks
9245 Thursday 3/8
2:00 PM
No seminar Spring Break
9273 Monday 3/12
4:10 PM
Valentina Maddalena, MSU New Approaches to MTH 126: Survey of Calculus II
13298 Monday 3/12
4:10 PM
Nick Rekuski, MSU Schubert Calculus and Cohomology of Grassmannians
13293 Monday 3/12
5:30 PM
Alex Lubotzky, Hebrew University Real applications of non-real numbers: Ramanujan graphs (First Phillips Lecture)
13300 Tuesday 3/13
11:00 AM
Leonardo Abbrescia, MSU Local and Global existence of L2 solutions to the KdV equation
13295 Tuesday 3/13
4:00 PM
Alex Lubotzky, Hebrew University High dimensional expanders: From Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes (Second Phillips Lecture)
13296 Wednesday 3/14
10:00 AM
Alex Lubotzky, Hebrew University Groups' approximation, stability and high dimensional expanders (Third Phillips Lecture)
13302 Wednesday 3/14
3:00 PM
Prof. Chris Marx , Oberlin College Hiring Cycle and Expectations for Faculty at Liberal Arts Schools
13299 Wednesday 3/14
4:10 PM
Wenzhao Chen, MSU Correction term, diagonalization theorem and the sliceness of 2-bridge knots
13294 Thursday 3/15
11:00 AM
Chris Marx, Oberlin College Dependence of the density of states on the probability distribution for discrete random Schrödinger operators
12282 Thursday 3/15
2:00 PM
Kristen Hendricks, MSU Connected Heegaard Floer homology and homology cobordism
13301 Thursday 3/15
3:00 PM
Unstable entropy and pressure for partially hyperbolic systems
13308 Monday 3/19
4:10 PM
Nick Rekuski, MSU Schubert Calculus and Cohomology of Grassmannains
13304 Tuesday 3/20
4:10 PM
Guowei Wei; Vladimir Peller; Mark Iwen Faculty Research Presentations
13303 Wednesday 3/21
4:10 PM
Tyler Bongers, MSU Holder regularity of quasi-conformal maps
7202 Thursday 3/22
2:00 PM
Adam Lowrance, Vassar College Almost alternating, Turaev genus one, and semi-adequate links
13305 Thursday 3/22
4:10 PM
Rajesh Kulkarni; Matt Hirn; Di Liu Faculty Research Presentations
13306 Friday 3/23
4:10 PM
Shitao Liu, Clemson University Observability of the visco-elastic wave equation
7215 Friday 3/23
4:10 PM
Kristen Hendricks, Mathematics, MSU Avoiding Collisions and Braiding String: Configuration Spaces and the Braid Group
13317 Monday 3/26
4:10 PM
Andrew Claussen, MSU Cluster Structures in Higher Teichmuller Theory
13311 Tuesday 3/27
4:10 PM
John Machacek, MSU A hypergraphic combinatorial Hopf algebra
13316 Wednesday 3/28
4:10 PM
Gorapada Bera, MSU Symplectic Quotients and GIT Quotients : The Kempf-Ness Theorem
8234 Wednesday 3/28
4:10 PM
Robin Neumayer, Northwestern University On minimizers and critical points for anisotropic isoperimetric problems
9243 Thursday 3/29
2:00 PM
Ramanujan Santharoubane, University of Virginia Asymptotic of quantum representations of surface groups
13309 Thursday 3/29
4:10 PM
Parimala Raman, Emory University Quadratic forms and Clifford algebras
13315 Monday 4/2
4:10 PM
Teena Gerhardt, MSU Algebra in Topology and Topology in Algebra
13322 Tuesday 4/3
10:20 AM
Sukanya Basu, University of Michigan TBA
13318 Tuesday 4/3
11:00 AM
Arman Tavakoli, MSU On the motion of a body in general relativity
13312 Tuesday 4/3
4:10 PM
John Machacek, MSU Hypergraphic polytopes
13325 Wednesday 4/4
4:10 PM
Nicholas Ovenhouse, MSU The Pentagram Map
12279 Wednesday 4/4
4:10 PM
Armin Schikorra, University of Pittsburgh On free boundary problems for conformally invariant variational functions
9246 Thursday 4/5
2:00 PM
Juanita Pinzon-Calcedo, North Carolina State Gauge Theory and Knot Concordance
13288 Thursday 4/5
4:10 PM
Gopal Prasad, University of Michigan Number theory in geometry
13310 Friday 4/6
4:10 PM
Moon Duchin, Tufts University Random walks and gerrymandering
13330 Monday 4/9
4:10 PM
Dan Normand, MSU Localization of Categories
13323 Tuesday 4/10
10:20 AM
Andrew Krause, MSU TBA
13297 Tuesday 4/10
2:00 PM
Aleksander Doan, Stony Brook University Seiberg-Witten monopoles with multiple spinors on a surface times a circle
13326 Tuesday 4/10
4:10 PM
Daniel Johnston, Grand Valley State University On Rainbow Turán Numbers
13324 Wednesday 4/11
10:20 AM
David Tannor TBA
13334 Wednesday 4/11
4:10 PM
Zhe Zhang, MSU Spin Geometry, Bochner’s Method, and Vanishing Theorems
13319 Thursday 4/12
11:00 AM
Theodore Voronov, Notre Dame Thick morphisms of (super)manifolds, non-linear pullbacks, and homotopy algebras
9244 Thursday 4/12
2:00 PM
Adam Saltz, University of Georgia Link homology and Floer homology in pictures
13289 Thursday 4/12
4:10 PM
Maria Gualdani, George Washington University The Landau equation: old and new
13332 Friday 4/13
4:10 PM
Brian Wetton, University of British Columbia Asymptotic Analysis of Implicit Time Stepping for Allen Cahn Dynamics
13329 Monday 4/16
12:50 PM
Robert J. Rietz Analyzing Retirement Withdrawal Strategies
13328 Monday 4/16
4:10 PM
Willie Wong, MSU A snorkeling tour into Calculus student WeBWorK data.
13337 Monday 4/16
4:10 PM
Thomas Plante, MSU Blowups on Surfaces
7204 Monday 4/16
4:10 PM
Rita Gitik A New Algorithm in Group Theory
13320 Tuesday 4/17
11:00 AM
Mathieu Lewin, Université Paris Dauphine Recent results on the Uniform Electron Gas
13336 Tuesday 4/17
4:10 PM
Ekaterina Rapinchuk, Michigan State University An Auction Dynamics Approach to Semi-Supervised Data Classification
13287 Wednesday 4/18
3:00 PM
Evangelia Gazaki, University of Michigan Kummer Theory on products of elliptic curves over a p-adic field
13313 Wednesday 4/18
3:30 PM
Elizabeth de Freitas, Manchester Metropolitan University What is a Mathematical Concept?
13339 Wednesday 4/18
4:10 PM
Ben Salisbury, Central Michigan University Crystal structure of certain PBW bases
9262 Thursday 4/19
2:00 PM
Calvin Woo, Indiana University Topological Hochschild homology and logarithmic geometry
13327 Thursday 4/19
3:00 PM
Xinyi Li, University of Chicago Minkowski Content for Brownian cut points
13290 Thursday 4/19
4:10 PM
Zinovy Reichstein, University of British Columbia Simplifying polynomials by Tschirnhaus transformations: old and new
13307 Friday 4/20
4:10 PM
Hau-Tieng Wu, Duke University Sensor fusion via two types of diffusion — with sleep dynamics and fetal health as examples.
13333 Monday 4/23
4:10 PM
Departmental Student Forms
13338 Monday 4/23
4:10 PM
Dylan Thurston, title TBA
13335 Tuesday 4/24
12:00 PM
Teena Gerhardt, MSU; Jane Zimmerman, MSU CoIntegrate Math Seminar
13331 Tuesday 4/24
4:10 PM
Linhui Shen, MSU Cluster Duality for Grassmannians and Cyclic Sieving
13321 Thursday 4/26
11:00 AM
Jake Fillman, Virginia Tech TBA
13314 Thursday 4/26
4:10 PM
Ben McReynolds, Purdue Univeresity TBA



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