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29378 Wednesday 9/7
4:10 PM
Sasha Volberg, MSU Heat smoothing conjecture and Bernstein--Markov inequalities on Hamming cube
29380 Wednesday 9/21
4:10 PM
Michael McNulty, MSU Conditionally Stable Self-Similar Blowup for the Supercritical Quadratic Wave Equation Beyond the Light Cone
29389 Wednesday 9/28
4:10 PM
Shi-Zhuo Looi, UC Berkeley Asymptotics for odd- and even-dimensional waves
29392 Wednesday 10/5
4:10 PM
Konstantin Matetski, MSU Polynuclear growth and the Toda lattice
29390 Wednesday 10/19
4:10 PM
Katherine Zhiyuan Zhang, Courant Institute, NYU Equilibria and stability in Vlasov-Maxwell equation
29379 Wednesday 11/9
4:10 PM
Dimitris Vardakis, MSU Buffon's needle problem for a random planar disk-like Cantor set
29444 Wednesday 11/16
4:10 PM
Perry Kleinhenz, MSU TBA
29385 Wednesday 11/30
4:10 PM
Leonardo Abbrescia, Vanderbilt University TBA



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