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29089 Thursday 8/26
2:30 PM
Deanna Needell, UCLA On the topic of topic modeling: enhancing machine learning approaches with topic features
29090 Thursday 9/2
4:30 AM
Jonathan Scarlett, National University of Singapore Beyond Sparsity: Compressive Sensing with (Deep) Generative Modeling Assumptions
29094 Thursday 9/9
2:30 PM
Anna Ma, University of California, Irvine The Kaczmarz Algorithm: Greed, Randomness, and Tensors
29095 Thursday 9/16
2:30 PM
Russell Luke, University of Göttingen Structured (In)Feasibility: Nonmonotone Operator Splitting in Nonlinear Spaces
29096 Thursday 9/23
2:30 PM
Joel Tropp, California Institute of Technology Scalable semidefinite programming
29097 Thursday 9/30
2:30 PM
Michael Perlmutter, UCLA Neural Networks on (Directed) Graphs
29132 Thursday 10/7
4:30 AM
Afonso Bandeira, ETHZ - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich Noncommutative Matrix Concentration Inequalities
29133 Thursday 10/14
2:30 PM
Edgar Dobriban, University of Pennsylvania Asymptotic perspectives on sketching
29134 Thursday 10/21
4:30 AM
Bubacarr Bah, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences South Africa Cancelled
29135 Thursday 10/28
2:30 PM
Rongrong Wang, Michigan State University Sigma Delta quantization on images, manifolds, and graphs
29136 Thursday 11/4
2:30 PM
Weilin Li, New York University TBA
29167 Thursday 11/11
4:30 AM
Sjoerd Dirksen, Utrecht University TBA
29168 Thursday 11/18
4:30 AM
Lorenzo Rosasco, MIT/University of Genova TBA
29169 Thursday 11/25
4:30 AM
Alexandra Carpentier, Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg TBA



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