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19625 Friday 9/13
4:10 PM
Jiangguo (James) Liu, Colorado State University Developing Finite Element Solvers for Poroelasticity in the Two-field Approach
19633 Friday 10/11
4:10 PM
Arvind Krishna Saibaba, North Carolina State University Randomized algorithms for low-rank tensor decompositions
19626 Friday 10/18
4:10 PM
The talk this week has been cancelled.
19643 Friday 11/8
4:10 PM
Kritika Singhal, Ohio State University Sketching and Clustering Metric Measure Spaces
19640 Friday 11/15
4:10 PM
Yao Yao, Georgia Tech Uniqueness and non-uniqueness of steady states of aggregation-diffusion equation
19669 Friday 11/22
4:10 PM
Yeonhyang Kim, Central Michigan University Q-ball imaging using predicted diffusion gradient directions
20715 Monday 12/2
10:00 AM
Meihua Tu, Medicine Design, Pfizer Inc. The role of water molecules in Ketohexokinase (KHK) inhibitor design
19668 Friday 12/6
4:10 PM
Neel Patel, University of Michigan TBA



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