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26835 Thursday 1/7
2:30 PM
Jose Perea, Michigan State University TBA; zoom link @
26848 Thursday 1/14
3:30 PM
Raymond Chan, City University of Hong Kong TBA; zoom link @
26961 Thursday 1/21
2:30 PM
Daniel Kane, University of California, San Diego Point Location and Active Learning
26962 Thursday 1/28
3:30 AM
Zuowei Shen, National University of Singapore Deep Approximation via Deep Learning
26963 Thursday 2/4
2:30 PM
Tino Ullrich , TU Chemnitz A New Subsampling Technique for Random Points and Optimal Least Squares Approximation of High-Dimensional Functions
26964 Thursday 2/11
2:30 PM
Massimo Fornasier , Technische Universität München Consensus-based Optimization on the Sphere
26965 Thursday 2/18
2:30 PM
Mikhail Belkin , University of California, San Diego A theory of optimization and transition to linearity in deep learning
26983 Thursday 2/25
3:30 AM
Zaiwen Wen, Peking University, China Stochastic Second-Order Methods For Deep Learning
26984 Thursday 3/4
2:30 PM
Ronald DeVore, Texas A&M University Deep Learning and Neural Networks: The Mathematical View
27001 Thursday 3/11
3:30 AM
Jianfeng Cai, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Landscape analysis of non-convex optimizations in phase retrieval
27002 Thursday 3/18
2:30 PM
Roberto Imbuzeiro Oliveira, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro Sample average approximation with heavier tails
27003 Thursday 3/25
2:30 PM
Rachel Ward , University of Texas at Austin Function Approximation via Sparse Random Features
27004 Thursday 4/1
2:30 PM
Yi Ma , University of California, Berkeley Deep Networks from First Principles
28028 Thursday 4/8
2:30 PM
Mahdi Soltanolkotabi, University of Southern California Precise Tradeoffs for Adversarial Training
28029 Thursday 4/15
2:30 PM
Michael Wakin, Colorado School of Mines Spectral Properties of Time-limited Toeplitz Operators and Applications in Signal Processing
28030 Thursday 4/22
4:30 AM
Shahar Mendelson, Australian National University Approximating L_p balls via sampling
28031 Thursday 4/29
1:00 PM
Anne Gelb, Dartmouth College Empirical Bayesian Inference using Joint Sparsity



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