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26803 Thursday 8/20
2:30 PM
Helmut Bolcskei, ETH Zurich Fundamental limits of learning in deep neural networks; zoom link @
26815 Thursday 8/27
2:30 PM
Nir Sochen, University of Tel Aviv Unsupervised deep learning of forward and inverse solutions for PDE-based imaging; zoom link @
26816 Thursday 9/3
2:30 PM
Daniel Potts, TU Chemnitz High dimensional approximation with trigonometric polynomials; zoom link @
26825 Thursday 9/10
2:30 PM
Rima Alaifari, ETH Zurich The phase factor: recovery from magnitudes of signal representations; zoom link @
26826 Thursday 9/17
2:30 PM
Mauro Maggioni, Johns Hopkins University Learning Interaction laws in particle- and agent-based systems; zoom link @
26827 Thursday 9/24
2:30 PM
Rebecca Willett, University of Chicago Regularization in Infinite-Width ReLU Networks; zoom link @
26828 Thursday 10/1
2:30 PM
Rene Vidal, Johns Hopkins University On the Regularization Properties of Structured Dropout; zoom link @
26829 Thursday 10/8
2:30 PM
Jun Kitagawa, Michigan State University Optimal transport with storage fees: theory and numerics; zoom link @
26901 Thursday 10/15
2:30 PM
Reinhard Heckel, Technical University of Munich Provable Image Recovery with Untrained Convolutional Neural Networks; zoom link @
26910 Thursday 10/22
2:30 PM
Guiseppe Caire, TU Berlin The Mathematics of Massive Random Access Communications; zoom link @
26844 Thursday 10/29
4:30 AM
Yang Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Improving Generative Adversarial Nets (GAN) Using VGrow; zoom link @
26831 Thursday 11/12
2:30 PM
Hrushikesh Mhaskar, Claremont Graduate University Revisiting the theory of machine learning; zoom link @
26832 Thursday 11/19
2:30 PM
Yonina Eldar, Weizmann Institute of Science Deep Analog-to-Digital Compression: Tasks, Structures, and Models; zoom link @
26845 Thursday 11/26
3:30 AM
Man-Cho Anthony So, Chinese University of Hong Kong Non-Convex Orthogonal Group Synchronization via the Generalized Power Method; zoom link @
26846 Thursday 12/3
3:30 AM
Ding-Xua Zhou, City University of Hong Kong Theory of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks; zoom link @
26833 Thursday 12/10
2:30 PM
Anna Little, University of Utah TBA; zoom link @
26834 Thursday 12/17
2:30 PM
David P. Woodruff , Carnegie Mellon University TBA; zoom link @



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