Department of Mathematics

Seminars By Semester


6187 Thursday 1/25
2:00 PM
Siqi He, Caltech The Extended Bogomolny Equations and Teichmuller space
9247 Thursday 2/1
2:00 PM
Guillem Cazassus, Indiana University Towards extended Floer field theories
8243 Tuesday 2/6
2:00 PM
Boyu Zhang, Harvard University Rectifiability and Minkowski bounds for the singular sets of multiple-valued harmonic spinors
8237 Thursday 3/1
2:00 PM
Matthias Nagel, McMaster University, Canada Triple linking numbers and surface systems
9245 Thursday 3/8
2:00 PM
No seminar Spring Break
12282 Thursday 3/15
2:00 PM
Kristen Hendricks, MSU Connected Heegaard Floer homology and homology cobordism
7202 Thursday 3/22
2:00 PM
Adam Lowrance, Vassar College Almost alternating, Turaev genus one, and semi-adequate links
9243 Thursday 3/29
2:00 PM
Ramanujan Santharoubane, University of Virginia Asymptotic of quantum representations of surface groups
9246 Thursday 4/5
2:00 PM
Juanita Pinzon-Calcedo, North Carolina State Gauge Theory and Knot Concordance
13297 Tuesday 4/10
2:00 PM
Aleksander Doan, Stony Brook University Seiberg-Witten monopoles with multiple spinors on a surface times a circle
9244 Thursday 4/12
2:00 PM
Adam Saltz, University of Georgia Link homology and Floer homology in pictures
9262 Thursday 4/19
2:00 PM
Calvin Woo, Indiana University Topological Hochschild homology and logarithmic geometry
13338 Monday 4/23
4:10 PM
Dylan Thurston, title TBA



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