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4073 Thursday 9/7
2:00 PM
Mark Greenfield, University of Michigan Thurston's metric on Teichmueller spaces of flat n-tori
4102 Thursday 9/14
2:00 PM
Diana Hubbard, University of Michigan On the braid index and the fractional Dehn twist coefficient
4089 Thursday 9/21
2:00 PM
Adam Jacob, UC Davis The deformed Hermitian-Yang-Mills equation
4105 Thursday 9/28
2:00 PM
Renaud Detcherry, MSU Turaev Viro invariants and Gromov norm
4124 Thursday 10/5
2:00 PM
Thomas Walpuski, MSU Wall-crossing for the Seiberg-Witten equation with two spinors
5159 Thursday 10/12
2:00 PM
Wenzhao Chen, MSU A lower bound for the double slice genus
4115 Thursday 10/19
2:00 PM
Elmas Irmak, Bowling Green State University Simplicial Maps of Complexes of Curves and Mapping Class Groups of Surfaces
5128 Thursday 11/2
2:00 PM
Meera Mainkar, Central Michigan University (Visiting MSU this term) Meera Mainkar
5143 Thursday 11/9
2:00 PM
Bert Guillou, University of Kentucky TBA
4120 Thursday 11/16
2:00 PM
Elizabeth Munch, MSU TBA
5131 Thursday 11/23
2:00 PM
Thanksgiving---No seminar
5129 Thursday 11/30
2:00 PM
J.D. Quigley, University of Notre Dame TBA



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