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31527 Tuesday 1/10
2:30 PM
G&T Seminar Organizational Meeting
31562 Tuesday 2/7
3:30 PM
Amitesh Datta, Princeton University Does the Jones polynomial of a knot detect the unknot? A novel approach via braid group representations and class numbers of number fields.
31504 Tuesday 2/14
2:00 PM
Renaud Detcherry, Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne Title: On the kernel of Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev quantum representations
31556 Tuesday 2/21
2:00 PM
Ian Montague , Brandeis University Seiberg-Witten Floer K-Theory and Cyclic Group Actions
31547 Tuesday 2/28
2:00 PM
Ryan Stees, Indiana University Milnor's invariants for knots and links in closed orientable 3-manifolds
31573 Tuesday 3/14
11:30 AM
Shunyu Wan , University of Virginia Naturality of Legendrian LOSS invariant under positive contact surgery and application
32601 Tuesday 3/14
2:00 PM
John Baldwin, Boston College Small Dehn surgery and SU(2)-representations
31548 Monday 3/20
2:00 PM
Siddhi Krishna, Columbia University RTG Seminar: Fibered knots: what, why and how
31549 Tuesday 3/21
11:30 AM
Siddhi Krishna, Columbia University Twist positivity, L-space knots, and concordance
31538 Tuesday 3/21
2:00 PM
Anup Poudel, Ohio State A comparison between $SL_n$ spider categories.
31554 Tuesday 4/4
2:00 PM
David Chan, Vanderbilt University TBA
31543 Monday 4/10
2:00 PM
Sam Gunningham, Montana State RTG Seminar: TBA
31542 Tuesday 4/11
2:00 PM
Sam Gunningham, Montana State TBA
32612 Tuesday 4/18
2:00 PM
Pierre-Louis Blayac, University of Michigan TBA
31537 Monday 4/24
2:00 PM
Sarah Petersen, University of Colorado, Boulder RTG Seminar: TBA
31536 Tuesday 4/25
2:00 PM
Sarah Petersen, University of Colorado, Boulder TBA



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