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15383 Thursday 1/17
2:00 PM
Chris Kottke, New College Florida Compactification of monopole moduli spaces
16468 Thursday 1/24
2:00 PM
Rebecca Winarski, University of Michigan Solving the Twisted Rabbit Problem using trees
15394 Thursday 2/7
2:00 PM
Adam Sikora, SUNY at Buffalo New Approach to Quantum Teichmuller Theory
17499 Thursday 2/14
2:00 PM
Melissa Zhang, Boston College Localization in Khovanov homology
17505 Thursday 2/21
2:00 PM
Ilya Gekhtman , University of Toronto Growth rates of invariant random subgroups of hyperbolic groups and rank 1 Lie groups.
17509 Thursday 2/28
2:00 PM
Eva Belmont, Northwestern University Localizing the E_2 page of the Adams spectral sequence
17537 Thursday 3/7
2:00 PM
17538 Thursday 4/4
2:00 PM
Leonid Chekhov, MSU $SL_k$ character varieties and quantum cluster algebras
17510 Monday 4/8
3:00 PM
Mona Merling, University of Pennsylvania The equivariant stable parametrized h-cobordism theorem
17498 Thursday 4/11
2:00 PM
Jennifer Hom, Georgia Tech Heegaard Floer and homology cobordism
18566 Thursday 4/18
2:00 PM
Robert Bell, MSU Quasi-positivity in free groups and braid groups



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