Department of Mathematics

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29397 Tuesday 9/6
3:00 PM
G&T Seminar, MSU Organizational Meeting
29403 Tuesday 9/20
3:00 PM
Bin Sun, Oxford $L^2$-Betti numbers of fiber bundles
30447 Tuesday 10/4
3:00 PM
Peter Johnson, Michigan State University Knot lattice homology and the Gukov-Manolescu 2-variable series
29432 Tuesday 10/11
3:00 PM
Daniel Douglas, Yale Dimers, webs, and local systems
29418 Tuesday 10/18
3:00 PM
Juan Muñoz-Echániz, Columbia University Families of contact structures and monopole Floer homology
29433 Tuesday 11/1
3:00 PM
Ka Ho Wong, Texas A&M On the 1-loop conjecture of fundamental shadow link complements
30477 Monday 11/7
2:00 PM
Calvin McPhail-Snyder , Duke University RTG Seminar: Quantum and hyperbolic invariants of knots (Introductory talk)
29411 Tuesday 11/8
3:00 PM
Calvin McPhail-Snyder , Duke University Hyperbolic tensor networks and the volume conjecture
29430 Tuesday 11/15
3:00 PM
Louis-Hadrien Robert, Université Clermont Auvergne Symmetric link homology
29448 Tuesday 11/29
3:00 PM
Justin Lanier, University of Chicago Mapping class groups and dense conjugacy classes
30446 Tuesday 12/6
3:00 PM
Cameron Gates Rudd, Max Planck Institute, Bonn TBA



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