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29417 Monday 9/26
3:00 PM
Patrick Daniels, University of Michigan Canonical integral models for Shimura varieties defined by tori
29445 Monday 10/10
3:00 PM
Pavel Čoupek, MSU Ramification bounds for mod p étale cohomology via prismatic cohomology
30469 Monday 10/17
3:00 PM
Preston Wake, MSU Rational torsion in modular Jacobians
29434 Friday 10/21
3:00 PM
Ken Ribet, UC Berkeley Cyclotomic torsion points on abelian varieties over number fields
29396 Monday 10/24
3:00 PM
Nathan Chen, Columbia University On the irrationality of some algebraic varieties and their subvarieties
29443 Monday 10/31
3:00 PM
Stephanie Chan, UMich Integral points in families of elliptic curves
29399 Monday 11/7
3:00 PM
Qingjing Chen, University of California Santa Barbara Kuznetsov components of some Fano fourfolds
29394 Monday 11/14
3:00 PM
Lena Ji, University of Michigan Finite order birational automorphisms of Fano hypersurfaces
30449 Monday 11/28
3:00 PM
Zijian Yao, University of Chicago The eigencurve over the boundary of the weight space



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