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26839 Wednesday 9/9
4:10 PM
Sheila Sundaram On the homology of subword order. Zoom
26857 Wednesday 9/16
3:00 PM
Samantha Dahlberg, Arizona State University Diameters of Graphs of Reduced Words of Permutations, Zoom
26858 Wednesday 9/23
3:00 PM
Samin Aref, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Structural analysis of signed graphs: a talk on methods and applications, Zoom
26863 Wednesday 9/30
3:00 PM
Josh Hallam, Loyola Marymount University Whitney Duals of Graded Posets, Zoom
26897 Wednesday 10/7
3:00 PM
Anna Weigandt, University of Michigan Transition on Grothendieck Polynomials,, passcode: MthMus
26899 Wednesday 10/14
3:00 PM
Robert Davis, Colgate University Analyzing Power Grid Stability via the Dragon Marriage Theorem,, passcode: MthMus
26908 Wednesday 10/21
3:00 PM
Clifford Smyth, University of North Carolina, Greensboro Combinatorial formulas for restricted Stirling and Lah number matrices and their inverses
26911 Wednesday 10/28
3:00 PM
Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Villanova University Arithmetical Structures on Graphs



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