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19603 Thursday 9/5
11:00 AM
Ramis Movassagh, IBM Proof of average-case #P- hardness of random circuit sampling with some robustness, and a protocol for blind quantum computation
19617 Tuesday 9/10
11:00 AM
Brent Nelson, MSU Introduction to Free Products of von Neumann Algebras
19606 Thursday 9/12
11:00 AM
Mike Hartglass, Santa Clara University Free products of finite-dimensional von Neumann algebras
19607 Thursday 9/19
11:30 AM
Scott Atkinson, University of California, Riverside Tracial stability and related topics in operator algebras
19608 Thursday 9/26
11:30 AM
Corey Jones, The Ohio State University The higher dimensional algebra of matrix product operators and quantum spin chains
19681 Thursday 10/10
11:30 AM
Jeffrey Schenker, Michigan State University An ergodic theorem for homogeneously distributed quantum channels with applications to matrix product states
19638 Thursday 10/24
11:30 AM
Houssam Abdul-Rahman, U Arizona Entanglement bounds in the XXZ spin chain
19639 Thursday 11/7
11:30 AM
Charles Smart, U Chicago Localization for the Anderson--Bernoulli model on the integer lattice
19618 Friday 11/15
10:30 AM
Marius Lemm, Harvard Spectral gaps without frustration
20717 Tuesday 11/19
11:30 AM
Brent Nelson, MSU Derivations on von Neumann algebras
19609 Thursday 11/21
11:30 AM
Kari Eifler, Texas A&M University The graph isomorphism game for quantum graphs



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