Department of Mathematics

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7231 Thursday 1/25
11:00 AM
Jonas Lührmann Probabilistic scattering for the 4D energy-critical defocusing nonlinear wave equation
10276 Thursday 2/15
11:00 AM
Martin Fraas, Virginia Tech Quantization of conductance in gapped interacting systems
13294 Thursday 3/15
11:00 AM
Chris Marx, Oberlin College Dependence of the density of states on the probability distribution for discrete random Schrödinger operators
13319 Thursday 4/12
11:00 AM
Theodore Voronov, Notre Dame Thick morphisms of (super)manifolds, non-linear pullbacks, and homotopy algebras
13320 Tuesday 4/17
11:00 AM
Mathieu Lewin, Université Paris Dauphine Recent results on the Uniform Electron Gas
13321 Thursday 4/26
11:00 AM
Jake Fillman, Virginia Tech TBA



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