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27017 Monday 3/1
2:00 PM
Priyanga Ganesan, Texas A&M University Quantum Graphs
27015 Tuesday 3/9
3:00 PM
Shiwen Zhang, U Minnesota The landscape law for tight binding Hamiltonians
27014 Monday 3/15
2:00 PM
Christopher Shirley, Paris-Saclay University Stationary random Schrödinger operators at small disorder
28039 Thursday 3/18
5:00 PM
Brent Nelson, Michigan State University Complex analysis applied to operator algebras
27013 Monday 4/12
2:00 PM
Rui Han , Louisiana State University Spectral gaps in graphene structures
29049 Thursday 4/15
5:00 PM
Rolando de Santiago, Purdue University Groups, Group Actions, and von Neumann Algebras
27012 Monday 4/19
2:00 PM
Alexis Drouot, University of Washington Mathematical aspects of topological insulators.
27016 Monday 4/26
2:00 PM
Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University Tight-binding limits in strong magnetic fields and the integer quantum Hall effect



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