Department of Mathematics

Mathematical Physics and Operator Algebras

  •  Kari Eifler, Texas A&M University
  •  The graph isomorphism game for quantum graphs
  •  11/21/2019
  •  11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  •  C304 Wells Hall

Non-local games give us a way of observing quantum behaviour through the observation of only classical data. The graph isomorphism game is one such non-local game played by Alice and Bob which involves two finite, undirected graphs. A winning strategy for the game is called quantum if it utilizes some shared resource of quantum entanglement between the players. We say two graphs are quantum isomorphic if there is a winning quantum strategy for the graph isomorphism game. We show that the *-algebraic, C*-algebraic, and quantum commuting (qc) notions of a quantum isomorphism between classical graphs X and Y are all equivalent. This is based on joint work with M. Brannan, A. Chirvasitu, S. Harris, V. Paulsen, X. Su, and M. Wasilewski.



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