Department of Mathematics


  •  Dapeng Zhan, MSU
  •  Time-reversal of multiple-force-point SLE$_\kappa(\underline\rho)$ with all force points lying on the same side
  •  11/14/2019
  •  3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
  •  C506 Wells Hall

We define intermediate SLE$_\kappa(\underline \rho)$ and reversed intermediate SLE$_\kappa(\underline\rho)$ processes using Appell-Lauricella multiple hypergeometric functions, and use them to describe the time-reversal of multiple-force-point chordal SLE$_\kappa(\underline \rho)$ curves in the case that all force points are on the boundary and lie on the same side of the initial point, and $\kappa $ and $\underline \rho=(\rho_1,\dots,\rho_m)$ satisfy that either $\kappa\in(0,4]$ and $\sum_{j=1}^k \rho_j>-2$ for all $1\le k\le m$, or $\kappa\in(4,8)$ and $\sum_{j=1}^k \rho_j\ge \frac{\kappa}{2}-2$ for all $1\le k\le m$.



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