Department of Mathematics

Mathematical Physics and Operator Algebras

  •  Krishnendu Khan, University of Iowa
  •  Fundamental groups of certain property (T) factors
  •  09/28/2020
  •  2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
  •  Online (virtual meeting)

Calculation of fundamental groups of type $\rm II_1$ factor is, in general, an extremely hard and central problem in the field of von Neumann algebras. In this direction, a conjecture due to A. Connes states that the fundamental group of the group von Neumann algebra $L(\Gamma)$ associated to any icc property (T) group $\Gamma$ is trivial. Up to now, there was no single example of property (T) group factor satisfying the conjecture. In this talk, I shall provide the first examples of property (T) group factors with trivial fundamental group. This talk is based on a joint work with Ionut Chifan, Sayan Das and Cyril Houdayer. Join via Zoom:



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