Department of Mathematics

Analysis and PDE

  •  Yilin Wang, MIT
  •  Multichordal Loewner potential passcode: analysis
  •  09/30/2020
  •  4:10 PM - 5:00 PM
  •  Online (virtual meeting)

Schramm-Loewner evolutions (SLE) are probabilistic models of simple planar curves. They first arise as interfaces in scaling limits of 2D statistical mechanics lattice models which exhibit conformal invariance. In this talk, I will explain how asymptotic behaviors of SLE give rise to an interesting quantity (multichordal Loewner potential), which connects to rational function, zeta-regularized determinants of Laplacian, and Belavin-Polyakov-Zamolodchikov equations in conformal field theory. This is a joint work with Eveliina Peltola (Bonn).



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