Department of Mathematics


  •  Daniel Bragg, University of California, Berkeley
  •  Compactifications of supersingular twistor spaces
  •  03/17/2021
  •  4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  •  Online (virtual meeting) (Virtual Meeting Link)
  •  Rajesh S Kulkarni (

Supersingular twistor spaces are certain families of K3 surfaces over A^1 associated to a supersingular K3 surface. We will describe a geometric construction that produces families of K3 surfaces over P^1 which compactify supersingular twistor spaces. The key input is a construction relating Brauer classes of order p on a scheme of characteristic p to certain sheaves of twisted differential operators. We will give some results on the geometry of compactified supersingular twistor spaces, and some applications.



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