Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Education Colloquium Series

  •  Patricio Herbst, University of Michigan; Arthur Bakker, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  •  Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and Educational Studies in Mathematics: Perspectives from the Editors
  •  02/12/2021
  •  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  •  Online (virtual meeting) (Virtual Meeting Link)
  •  Lisa Keller (

In this talk we will share the priorities that animate each editorial team’s approach to handling articles as well as writing editorial essays. Both journals are committed to publishing excellent research in mathematics education writ large, no matter its focus, theories, or methods. We are especially interested in publishing research that adds to our methodological and theoretical toolboxes and educates our taste as researchers. The editors will discuss the particular mission and focus of each Journal, the challenges and opportunities in their work as editors and offer advice for those involved in preparing and reviewing manuscripts. Register in advance for the colloquium via ZOOM:



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