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  •  Higinio Dominguez, MSU
  •  The desire to do research: Where does it come from?
  •  04/19/2021
  •  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  •  Online (virtual meeting) (Virtual Meeting Link)
  •  Lisa Keller (

In this presentation, I will invite participants to follow me as I narrate in words and images my transition from colonial, imperialist research practices to creating knowledge with knowers. As part of this transition—which I see as continuous and liberating—I will discuss multiple powerful forces that have contributed to reinvigorate my eyes, ears, and all my senses, leading me to find my desire to do research in mathematics education desde adentro; that is, from inside the practices and wisdoms that I am trying to make sense. Two research projects, one recently completed and one that starts this Fall, will serve as important referents for gauging the intensities of my desire to do research. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring to this informal conversation insights, experiences, questions, wonderings, and contributions related to their desire to conduct research in education. There is no need to register! Just join the Zoom room at: Passcode: 731530



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