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CoIntegrate Mathematics

  •  Higinio Dominguez, MSU; Tina Haselius, Teacher; Sofia Abreu, MSU; Melvin Peralta, MSU
  •  Animating Mathematical Concepts…(and the learning of teachers, students, and researchers)
  •  11/14/2022
  •  1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  •  115 Erickson Hall
  •  Lisa Keller (

Mathematics education research is overwhelmingly assimilationist in its desire to change people, teachers, students, researchers, instead of changing the mathematics. In this teaching-research collaboration, one teacher (Tina Haselius), two graduate research assistants (Sofía Abreu and Melvin Peralta), and one mathematics education researcher (Higinio Dominguez) will share their emerging experiences learning how to animate mathematical concepts. While one key goal in our collaboration has been to resist the violence of trying to change, assimilate, and colonize learners, the process of animating mathematical concepts has, in beautiful and nonviolent ways, allowed us to experience change in and among ourselves as we learn to (co)respond to the animacy and agency of the mathematical concepts that we set out to animate in our teaching-research group.



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