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Operator Algebras Reading

  •  Aldo Garcia Guinto, MSU
  •  Free Stein dimension of crossed products by finite groups
  •  02/06/2023
  •  4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  •  C517 Wells Hall
  •  Brent Nelson (

In this talk, we will discuss a free probabilistic quantity called free Stein dimension and compute it for a crossed product by a finite group. The free Stein dimension is the Murray-von Neumann dimension of a particular subspace of derivations. Charlesworth and Nelson defined this quantity in the hope of finding a von Neumann algebra invariant. While it is still not known to be a von Neumann algebra invariant, it is an invariant for finitely generated unital tracial *-algebras and algebraic methods have been more successful than analytic ones in studying it. Our result continues this trend, and reveals a formula for the free Stein dimension of a crossed product by a finite group that is reminiscint of the Schreier formula for a finite index subgroups of free groups.



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