Department of Mathematics

Seminar in Cluster algebras

  •  Francis Bonahon, MSU
  •  The quantum trace for skein algebras of surfaces
  •  02/21/2023
  •  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  •  C204A Wells Hall
  •  Michael Shapiro (

The quantum trace homomorphism connects two competing quantizations for the $SL_n$-character variety of a surface, consisting of $SL_n$-local systems over the surface. The first quantization is through the $SL_n$-skein algebra, which is intrinsic but difficult to work with. The second quantization is based on a quantization of Thurston-Fock-Goncharov local coordinates, and is algebraically easier to handle but depends on choices. I will focus on the construction of this quantum trace in the case where $n=2$.



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