Department of Mathematics

Conversations among Colleagues

  •  Rachael Lund, Andy Krause, MSU
  •  RCPD Accommodations
  •  02/27/2017
  •  4:10 PM - 5:00 PM
  •  C109 Wells Hall

Rachael, Andy, and Tsveta will be leading a discussion about RCPD accommodations. The goal of the discussion is to gather questions regarding common RCPD accommodations and bring those to the RCPD staff. We hope this will result in developing a guide for instructors and GTAs about how to help students with various RCPD accommodations. For example: • What are some suggestions for providing 50% extended time on a 30-minute quiz if you have another class 20-minutes later? • What are good ways to provide reduced distraction seating for exams? • What are some good ways to work with students who have unexpected absences due to their condition who might miss a quiz or exam that you plan to hand back before they return to school? We invite all of you to share your questions with us so we can bring those to the RCPD to develop a partnership with them to better serve our students.



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