Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Education Colloquium Series

  •  Jennifer Langer-Osuna, Stanford University
  •  Fostering productive and inclusive collaborative mathematics classrooms
  •  02/28/2018
  •  1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
  •  252 EH

Student-led group work is an increasingly common activity in K-12 mathematics classrooms. Students are expected to debate ideas, justify conjectures, and come to consensus on reasonable approaches to solving problems. Yet several studies have shown that some students become unduly influential, while others' contributions are routinely marginalized. This talk pursues the question, how can collaborative mathematics classrooms foster both equity and productivity? To do so, this talk begins with an exploration of the role of authority relations during collaborative math activity, followed by new design research, in partnership with local schools, based on the results of earlier, exploratory work. The talk closes by contextualizing these projects in a broader body of work focused on examining classrooms designed to equitably engage students from diverse backgrounds in intellectually productive mathematical activity.



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