Department of Mathematics


Exchange students choose from a multitude of exciting and challenging classes offered by the departments of Mathematics (MTH) and Statistics (STT), and the department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE). Usually our exchange students choose 400-level (senior-level undergraduate) classes and 800-level (beginning graduate-level) classes. Some exchange students are ready for more advanced (900-level) graduate-level courses. Many exchange students choose classes in our Advanced Track mathematics undergraduate program - a program designed for highly talented and motivated students.

To find out more about our course offerings, go to Some courses are offered only during one semester each year, so be sure to identify the semester you are planning to be here. Then choose MTH, STT or CMSE for subject area to see the courses offered in Mathematics, Statistics or Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering. To see a listing of all available 400-level (or 800-level) courses for that semester, write 4* (or 8*) for "course number". To see the course description and prerequisites for that course, click on the course number.