Department of Mathematics

Information on the Uniform MTH Final Exams

The final exam is on Tuesday April 30th, at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Your student ID is required to take the exam. Please bring it with you.

Exam Locations

Available on the Schedule of Courses

Make-Up Final Exam Info

A student must have three or more exams in one day (according to the official final exam schedule) to be eligible for the make-up. Students who are eligible to take the make-up final must fill out a request to take the exam no later than Monday April 29th, 2019 by 12PM.

The Make-Up will be given at

Date Time Location
Wednesday May 1st 10:00 AM -- 12:00 PM B117 Wells Hall
Arrive 15 minutes early to the exam with your Student ID. All IDs will be checked before the exam.

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RCPD Exam Info

Students with special needs must be registered at RCPD, office 120, Bessey Hall. Students who have already turned in a VISA (Verified Individualized Services Accommodations) to their instructor are eligible to take the extended time exam. The final exam for RCPD students is on Tuesday April 30th starting at 9:00 AM in locations listed below:

Course(s) Location
MTH 101, MTH 124 (Business)A132 Wells Hall
MTH 102, MTH 116, MTH 132A108 Wells Hall
MTH 103, MTH 114, MTH 124 (Life Sci), MTH 201 A130 Wells Hall
MTH 103A, MTH 103B A122 Wells Hall
MTH 133, MTH 202, MTH 234 A116 Wells Hall

If you have already turned in a VISA to your instructor then you are on the list and are permitted to take the extended time RCPD exam. If you are an RCPD student who wishes to take the extended time exam and has not previously taken an extended time exam please contact your instructor immediately and provide them with a copy of your VISA as they need to register you with the department. Please arrive 15 minutes early to the exam with your Student ID and a copy of your VISA to be double checked . Students with additional accomodations (such as reader/scribe/seperate testing) should make arrangements to take the final at the RCPD offices and notify their instructor as soon as possible.

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