Department of Mathematics

MTH 132 Room Assignments for Uniform Exam 2

The 2nd uniform exam is on Monday April 8th, at 7:45 PM - 9:15 PM.

Your student ID is required to take the exam. Please bring it with you.

Exam Locations (by section)

Instructor (TA) Location Section(s)
Baker-Jarvis, Duff RobsynB119 WH25
Jain, Kashish1281 ANH1, 6
Mirzadeh, ShahriarB119 WH24
Olaoluwa, HallowedE100 VMC20, 21
Salciccioli, Alyssa Maria1281 ANH4, 7
Sarment, Myriam J1410 BPS12, 13
Schmitter, Jacob IsaiahE100 VMC2, 10
Instructor (TA) Location Section(s)
Suchoski, Natalie Grace1410 BPS11, 14
Verleye, Erick ArthurE100 VMC9, 15
Waldron, Alexander1281 ANH22, 23
Wang, XiaodongB119 WH19
Wang, ZhenqiE100 VMC17
Weng, DapingB119 WH18
Zhou, Whitney Weini1281 ANH3, 5


Students with special needs must be registered at RCPD, office 120, Bessey Hall. Students who have already turned in a VISA (Verified Individualized Services Accommodations) to their instructor are eligible to take the extended time exam in C304 Wells Hall. The exam begins at 6:45 PM for all RCPD students and is on Monday April 8th . If you are an RCPD student who wishes to take the extended time exam please contact your instructor immediately as they need to register you with the department so that we can make enough copies of the exam and ensure that we have enough seats. Please arrive 15 minutes early with your Student ID and a copy of your VISA to be double checked . Students with additional accomodations (such as reader/scribe/seperate testing) should make arrangements to take the exam at the RCPD offices and notify their instructor as soon as possible.

Make-up Exam

If a student has an unavoidable and acceptable excuse with documentation they may be allowed to take the make-up on the next day, Tuesday April 9th for Exam 2 at 7:15AM – 8:45AM in B122 Wells Hall. Student ID is required. Acceptable excuses are limited to:

  • Class at that time (with printout of student schedule)
  • Religious holidays (with documentation)
  • University sanctioned events (with letter from faculty)
  • Car accident / hospitalization (with documentation)
  • Sickness (with doctor’s note)

Unacceptable excuses include:

  • Work
  • Travel

In order to make sure we have enough exams and the excuse is approved please contact your instructor immediately. As the syllabus states “students must provide documentation to the instructor no later than 1 week before the exam date.”