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Advanced Track Program

The Advanced Track Program is a coherent program designed to provide high-level mathematical foundations for mathematically talented students who love mathematics and want a challenge, including those seriously interested in pursuing graduate or professional work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas. Because many mathematics majors here at MSU are double-majors, this program is designed to interlock nicely with several STEM undergraduate programs. The program offers a variety of academic and social activities. Additionally, many students in the Advanced Track Program work as tutors in the Math Learning Center as early as their freshman year.

Recent Advanced Track graduates have this to say about our program:

  • "Good professors, good challenging courses, great community of support of both fellow students as well as faculty/staff."
  • "How well prepared I was for graduate school thanks to this program (I graduated a year early, and have been in graduate school for the past year)."
  • "1. Tough classes prepared me for graduate classes. 2. Great professors to teach the honors courses. 3. Opportunities for employment (MLC, TA, Discovering America, etc.). "
  • "Advanced Track provided wonderful opportunities for me to build meaningful connections with some of the best math professors at MSU."
  • "Ability to deeply explore material, through research and independent study courses; Feeling welcome to take graduate classes; Formed close study groups and relationships with other Advanced Track students."
  • "Top-notch instructors for Advanced Track courses; Opportunities to tutor and to supervise in the MLC; Personal relationships with advisors and with students, which were helped formed by Advanced Track gatherings; Opportunities to present research (annual student conference)."

Many of our graduates go on to graduate schools such as University of Michigan, Stanford, University of Wisconsin, University of California San Diego. Graduates have reported back feeling extremely well prepared!

Degree Requirements

Contact information

Director of Advanced Track Program:
Russell Schwab

Advisors for the Advanced Track Program:

Julie Cioni

Tsveta Sendova