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MSU Students

Remember the first time you realized Math is really cool?

Join other MSU mathematicians in sharing those moments with local elementary students and their families:

The Spartan Mathematics Outreach program offers many ways for MSU students to share their love of mathematics with local students. Opportunities are available for volunteers, undergraduate TAs, and through the Honors College PA program. Students can help with weekly, monthly, or occasionally; on weekends, or afternoons or evenings; with elementary students, or with older students; on campus or off-campus.

For more information, please contact Ashley Ahlin (Ahlin@math.msu.edu). All MSU student workers and volunteers must also register and have a background check through the MSU Office of Outreach and Engagement. Volunteer opportunities can also be viewed online through their website.

Background checks may be turned in several ways:

Email: cbc@hr.msu.edu

Mail: MSU Human Resources

Talent Planning and Administration

1407 S. Harrison Road, 140 Nisbet Building

East Lansing, MI 48823

Some specific opportunities:

Elementary Math Night Outreach program: Local elementary schools organize once per year “Math Night Festivals”. You can volunteer to lead families through a math-oriented game or activity. (Game and activities are provided, along with training). These events happen just a few times per year, usually on a weeknight. Transportation can also be arranged.

Middle School Math Club: The MacDonald Middle School Math Club meets every Wednesday after school. Students divide into two groups: one to prepare for the Math Counts competition, and one to explore a different math activity. To get an idea of the type of activities we use, you can view this book: Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1: Complete Curriculum for Grades 5 to 7 (MSRI Mathematical Circles Library). The club is run by MSU, with MacDonald teachers' supervision. Volunteers are welcome.

Lansing Area MATHCOUNTS Team  is a national program for middle school students that fosters a heightened interest in mathematics in sessions that generally take place before or after the regular school day. Competitions – that are both rigorous and fun – are held on the local, state, and national level to recognize the achievements of the participating “mathletes.” We are looking for volunteers to help coach local MathCounts teams. Practices can be scheduled according to your availability, and may be held on campus or at local schools. The primary season runs from October through the local competition at the end of February. Materials, and training will be provided. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who enjoyed mathematics competitions!