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Elementary Math Night Outreach

Are you a parent, teacher, or principal at an elementary school in the Lansing area?

Would you like to offer your students the opportunity to participate in a math night festival held at your school?

Through the Elementary Math Night Outreach Program, the MSU mathematics department offers assistance to local elementary schools in holding a Math Night Festival. These festivals are typically scheduled on a weeknight at the local elementary school. The MSU Mathematics department will bring a team of volunteering undergraduates who are prepared to run a variety of mathematics activities aimed to develop mathematical enthusiasm, problem-solving, and challenge for students in grades K-5.

Local coordinators are responsible for reserving and preparing a suitable location (often a multipurpose room or gymnasium), publicizing the event for the student body, and assisting with set up, registration, and clean up before and after the event.

We provide the games, materials, table leaders, and a take home booklet for students who attend.

MSU students interested in volunteering should contact Ashley Ahlin (ahlin@math.msu.edu), Outreach coordinator for MSU Mathematics Department or the MSU Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement at http://www.servicelearningmsu.edu

Schools serving students in grades K-5 which are interested in hosting a Math Night should contact Ashley Ahlin (ahlin@math.msu.edu), Outreach coordinator for MSU Mathematics Department.