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MathCounts Coaching Program

The MSU Mathematics department outreach programs partners with Macdonald Middle School in East Lansing to offer an after school math enrichment program.  

During the 2023-2024 school year, we are meeting during the school day at Macdonald Middle School.

Students must register in advance here.

MATHCOUNTS (http://mathcounts.org/) is a national program for middle school students that fosters a heightened interest in mathematics in sessions that generally take place before or after the regular school day. Competitions – that are both rigorous and fun – are held on the local, state, and national level to recognize the achievements of the participating “mathletes.”

MSU students interested in volunteering should contact Ashley Ahlin (Ahlin@math.msu.edu), Outreach coordinator for MSU Mathematics Department or the MSU Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement at http://www.servicelearning.msu.edu/

Schools serving students in grades 6-8 which are interested in participating in the program should contact Ashley Ahlin (Ahlin@math.msu.edu), Outreach coordinator for MSU Mathematics Department.

Mathcounts outreach programs at other universities:

MATHCOUNTS Outreach: A Yale Undergraduate Organization (http://www.mathcountsoutreach.org/)

MATHCOUNTS Outreach: UGA (http://honors.uga.edu/c_s/civic/partnership_pgms/mathcounts.html)

“By sharing their enthusiasm for math and mentoring students, the UGA coaches are fostering a lifelong interest in learning and preparing these students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math,” says Brian Edwards, National MATHCOUNTS Project Coordinator.