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Haworth, Inc. - 2018

Improving the Customer HQ Visit Experience and Impact on Future Sales

About Haworth

Globally, Haworth improves workplaces with award-winning furniture, interior architecture and technology solutions to help customers achieve business goals, transform culture as well as support collaboration and innovation. Research + design drive a deep understanding of agile workplace needs and are at the center of the company’s strategy. Haworth is committed to protecting and restoring the environment, creating economic value as well as supporting and strengthening its communities. Founded in 1948, Haworth remains family owned and privately-held and serves markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 600 dealers. The company had 2016 global sales of USD $1.94 billion.


Haworth’s core business is contract office furniture. Its corporate headquarters, located in Holland, MI, also serves as a showroom and space for customers to tour, learn and experience the brand. There are about 50 customer tours each year. Each visit group can be comprised of customer representatives, interior designers, architects, commercial real estate professionals, ergonomists and other decision-makers and influencers. Each visit has multiple objectives: align the HQ visit experience with the informational desires of the group, increase the customer understanding of product, planning and broad workplace issues, elevate customer brand awareness and “like-ability” of the brand and, long term, and increase the sales volume from that customer.


  • Based on provided qualitative information, co-develop with Haworth appropriate metrics to measure the following before and after a Haworth HQ client experience:
    • Customer’s information/knowledge needs during a client experience
    • Customer's Haworth brand awareness
    • Customer's Haworth brand impressions
    • Customer's purchase behaviors
  • Create a dashboard approach to allow the following:
    • Analyzing/comparing pre and post client experience data of above metrics for Haworth to use to manage and improve client experiences
    • Visually display metric trends over time for predicting the change in sales volume from a particular customer.
  • Develop a process for Haworth to maintain and, as necessary, modify data collection and dashboard of above metrics post-project.