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Aptiv - 2020

Vehicle Test Cases Identification during Real World Scenarios


Aptiv PLC (NYSE: APTV) is a technology company that is transforming mobility with its portfolio of safe, green, and connected solutions for a diverse array of global customers. Aptiv will usher in the next generation of active safety, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and connectivity by creating smart mobility solutions with a strategically focused data & power, central computing, and connected services portfolio. Aptiv addresses key mobility challenges through industry-leading software capabilities, software and systems architecture integration, and compute platforms that unlock next generation features - now. Headquartered in Gillingham, England, Aptiv has 147,000 employees and operates 14 technical centers, as well as manufacturing sites and customer support centers, in 45 countries.

Overall Goal

Design and develop a data mining algorithm to post-process vehicle logs from on-road Autonomous Driving testing in the US, Europe and Asia.

Project Goals

  1. Detail the scope, requirements, stakeholders, permissions, etc. for the system with the Aptiv team.
  2. Develop a functioning, scalable application that will automatically post-process vehicle logs from on-road driving.
  3. Integrate the application onto Aptiv’s data server in Southfield, MI.
  4. Create detailed product documentation for take-over by Aptiv team afterward, particularly for revision and updates.
  5. Document Project updates via source/version control.

Purpose of Algorithm

  1. Scan all vehicle logs for various environmental features that are not typically identified by an Autonomous Vehicle algorithm, such as overpasses, tunnels, bridges, road-side features, overhanging trees, types of vehicles and more. List provided by Aptiv, and expanded by MTH844 project team.
  2. Tag the vehicle log files corresponding to which features are in each file, for later querying.

Aptiv Input Deliverables

  1. Usernames and access to Aptiv’s network and systems.
  2. Requirements breakdown from Aptiv users.
  3. All necessary information on the data and the server to integrate to.
  4. A demonstration of a test vehicle (hardware, sensors, driving etc.).